She had barely spent a few minutes with her newborn twin sons before having a severe stroke that caused her to forget she was pregnant.

The 34-year-old first-time mother was left with substantial brain injury and was primarily paralyzed down one side after giving birth to healthy twin boys at Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny.

She had no memories of her wedding or falling pregnant with Fox and Teddy due to the damage.

Rob, her husband caring for her at their Monmouth home, has stated that he will do all it takes to help her.

“It breaks my heart,” the author says.

“Charlotte requires 24-hour care, and we’re not sure how much better she’ll get, but she’s yearning to be a mother.”

Charlotte, 40, barely had a few moments with her long-awaited newborns before suffering a stroke caused by the pregnancy complication pre-eclampsia.

“She started slurring her words and couldn’t move her left side.


“It went from cesarean to crash team,” the author writes.

The woman, who had been monitored for high BP before the birth, was taken to the University Hospital of Wales, where doctors had to remove a part of her skull to save her life.

Rob, a self-employed cameraman, is heartened by his wife’s progress after ten months of therapy in Cardiff’s Rookwood Hospital.

Charlotte, 34, who couldn’t speak or walk at first, can now take a few feet and pour a cup of tea.

Charlotte’s sister, Angela Harries, looks after the boys, while Rob looks after Charlotte.

“The boys are handsome and polite,” Rob said.

“It’s exhausting if they each get up during the night, and Charlotte wakes up as well.

“She is happy to be home.

Rob said it was “love at first sight” when he spotted nursery teacher Charlotte at a London bar ten years ago.

“I’d never approached a girl,” he explained.

They bought a house last year following a stunning white wedding and were overjoyed to find they were expecting twins.

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Rob expressed his appreciation for his friends’ help and fundraising efforts, which had raised around £7,000 of the £40,000 objective to help pay for rehabilitation, and a robotic arm that would allow Charlotte to cradle her infants.

Angela, Charlotte’s sister, stated she had no recall of being pregnant but was progressively regaining memory.

“She couldn’t communicate when she awoke and had no idea she was pregnant,” Angela revealed.

“When we delivered the twins, she had no idea she was pregnant.

“We were saying, ‘Charlotte, these are our babies’ since she couldn’t speak.

“We don’t know what’s happening because she understands what we’re saying but can’t speak it.

“At first, she couldn’t move or stay awake for more than a few minutes, but she enjoyed watching the boys.

“Although she cannot lift the boys, we can place them in her arms.

“We’ve all helped in since we’re a big, close family.”

“It’s just so depressing,” Jessica Haagen, a childhood friend who attended Monmouth Comprehensive and is coordinating donations, said.

“She remembers Rob, but she has no memory of her wedding.”

We showed her her wedding video in the hospital.

“She’s come a long way from where she was a few months ago.”

A friend, Andrew Derricott, will run the Cardiff Half Marathon for Charlotte on Sunday, and an auction will be held on November 21.

Prizes have been provided by Bristol Zoo and Celtic Manor, among others, but organizers are still looking for more.