Renee Zellweger has had several makeovers over her career, but her most recent is, without a doubt, her most shocking.

The actor, who plays convicted killer Pamela Hupp in the miniseries The Thing About Pam, is practically unrecognisable in part. She has spoken up about how she feels on the outside.

Renee, who altered her look with face and body prosthetics, stated, “It’s really just another tool, isn’t it, to make the presentation match the narrative?”

“I like it because telling the narrative on the day it happened makes it easier to transcend. It appeals to me because it gives the impression of a safe refuge.”

Renee asserted that everything was an essential step in the process and an integral aspect of her personality.

“I like evolving myself because the process is sort of a set of goals where you’re trying to create this space where you can tell the tale, and that’s such an important part of it,” she said.

“And as it comes together, you can tick the boxes as you get closer to what it is to establish this venue to tell the tale.” You’ve finished what you set out to do when things start to fall into place and become highly beneficial. That’s just how I feel.”


Renee claimed that, rather than being astonished by what she saw in the mirror following the transition, she chuckled.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she gushed. “I was shocked at what they were able to accomplish, especially what Arian [Titan, the prosthesis’ creator] was able to accomplish with his team of creative minds,” the author says.

“It was mind-boggling to me that they are so creative, and that he made these things from nothing merely generated them with his imagination, trying to make an approximation that would be appropriate in telling this story,” she said.