On Tuesday, sources claimed that Jamie Foxx was taken to the hospital with a medical emergency due to an unidentified incident.

The Django Unchained star’s family has confirmed that he is recovering after receiving “great care” treatment.

The Oscar-winning entertainer’s girl, Corinne Foxx, thanked fans for their help and well-wishers.

Corinne stated in an Instagram post, “We wanted to share that my father, Jamie Foxx, experienced a medical complication yesterday.”

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“Thanks to prompt action and excellent care, he is already on his way to recovery, which is fortunate.”

“We are aware of how much he is loved and how much we value your prayers,” During this challenging second, the family demands security. Sincerely, Family Foxx.”

TMZ reports that the incident was a medical emergency, even though Foxx has not spoken out about it, and his family has not provided any information regarding how he ended up in the hospital.

The US-based news source stated, “We’re told his condition was sufficiently serious that Jamie’s family – some of whom were not in town – came to the hospital.” He’s conveying, which is excellent information,’ said one insider.”

Two days ago, Foxx was in Atlanta filming his latest movie, Back In Action, when paparazzi last photographed him.

In 2004, the 55-year-old actor won an Oscar for his role as blind musician Ray Charles in Ray, and since then, his career has continued to thrive. Notwithstanding Marine, Django Unchained, and The Astonishing Bug Man 2, the Texas local has appeared in several movies.

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His next project will bring him back together with Cameron Diaz, who hasn’t been in a movie since Annie in 2014. She also worked with Jamie Foxx in that film, who is said to have driven her return to the big screen.