Even though we can only admire their beauty from a safe distance, the chance to get closer to the majority of wild animals is unreal. Wild animals are exciting creatures.

The staff at the well-known Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, an animal sanctuary outside of Colorado Springs, are constantly in contact with wolves. Most importantly, children interact with them, even cuddling and petting them.

One of the wolves born and raised in the refuge is Kekoa, which means “brave one” in Hawaiian.

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Kekoa is a friendly giant despite his size who enjoys spending time with humans, particularly Danielle.

Their unique bond fascinates a lot of people. Since Kekoa is significantly larger than Danielle, it is odd to watch them play and cuddle. He stands nearly 7 feet tall when his front paws are placed on someone’s shoulders and weighs 115 pounds.

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The video, which has gone viral, shows two friends playing together. The fun only gets better when Sakara, another wolf, comes by and asks for a cuddle.

Because he was bottle-fed from the time he was born, “he is very well socialized, which means he enjoys the company of people.” This is not the same as being tamed or domesticated. He still behaves like a “wild” animal when he is with his sister. This is not how a wolf in the wild would act.

The Colorado Wolf and Untamed life Place offers instructive visits that show guests the job of wolves in the environment. They organize a wide range of events, including Halw-O-Ween, Meet a Wolf Day, Paw Day, and others.

Since the 1940s, wild wolves have not been seen in Colorado, but they may soon return.