Ivana Trump passed away at the age of 73. She was the first wife of Donald Trump and the mother of his first three children. She played a crucial role in the former president’s life, notably assisting him in creating his empire, which included the Trump Tower construction. The cause of Ivana’s death is still unknown.

The Additional York Fire Department revealed new information.

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“I am heartbroken to notify all of those who loved her, of whom there are many, that Ivana Trump has gone away at her residence in New York City,” Donald Trump said on Social Truth. “The couple’s three children are grieving the death of their mother, but she will always be remembered as a strong, beautiful, brilliant, and fighting woman. They will also remember her as a good mother and friend to them.

Ivana will be greatly missed by her family, including her ten grandkids.

According to a statement, police got a 911 call regarding an “assisted individual” at about 12.40 p.m.

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According to the New York Fire Department, paramedics responded to a call to her apartment for a cardiac arrest. They allegedly discovered an unconscious and unresponsive woman at the location. According to the fire brigade, the victim died upon arrival.

The reason for death will be determined by further medical examination.

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Ivana was born in Gottwaldov, Czechoslovakia, on February 20, 1949. Her upbringing was complete with adventure and excitement, and at the age of 12, she was a part of a national ski training programme and appeared in several films. Her father raised her to strive for perfection in whatever she did.

Ivana learns quickly and appreciates her father’s strict discipline. She attended high school, received good marks, competed in skiing tournaments throughout Europe, and eventually earned a Master’s degree in physical education from Charles University in Prague. She wanted to relocate to Canada after graduating from college.

She desired to leave Communist-controlled Czechoslovakia, so she married for the first time in 1971, relocated to Toronto, and learnt English. She and her husband relocated to Montreal, where she worked as a ski instructor and model. However, the couple divorced after two years.

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Her modelling career was thriving, so she travelled to New York for a fashion show in 1976. She went to a restaurant with a buddy and felt a tap on the shoulder while waiting for a seat. “I’m Donald Trump, and I notice you’re looking for a table,” Ivana remarked. I can assist you.”

Donald sat with her and her companions at the table, paid the entire bill, and then left.

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When Sarah and her friends left the restaurant, Donald was waiting outside in his limousine, ready to take them home. Then he and Ivana began dating. They got along so well and did so many things together that they married in 1977. Donald Trump Jr. was born in the same year, followed by his daughter Ivanka and son Eric.

Trump’s career was becoming more serious, so Ivana stayed home with the kids.

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She was, nonetheless, involved in the family business. During the couple’s 14-year marriage, she was the interior designer of the Grand Hyatt Hotel and Trump Tower and the president and CEO of Trump Castle and the Plaza Hotel.

Ivana stated that, despite her busy schedule, she always made time to eat with her children, assist them with their homework, and plan activities for them to do together.

When they split, it took 13 months and was very traumatic. She was awarded a $ 25 million payment, with $ 10 million in cash. She also obtained custody of the three children, though Donald continued to be involved in their lives. Donald, according to Ivana, is a good parent.

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Despite their divorce, Ivana apparently supported Donald, even during the presidential campaign. Ivana, on the other hand, stated that she was entirely responsible for raising the children and made all decisions regarding education, travel, allowances, and child care. “Here is the finished product,” Ivana said to Donald after the children finished college. It’s now your turn.”

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After her divorce from Donald Trump, Ivana married twice: in 1995, she married Riccardo Mazzucchelli, but they divorced after just two years, and in 2008, she married Rossano Rubicondi, but they divorced after only one year.

Ivana was a strong lady who understood what she wanted out of life and stayed with her children’s father even though the two were no longer a couple. Ivana also started a clothing brand and wrote some highly successful novels. As a result, Ivana was a very successful woman.