In a viral video, Robert Irwin shared his true feelings about being hit on by an American tourist at Australia Zoo.

Last month, a video surfaced of a tourist approaching the 18-year-old and asking for his phone number while visiting Australia Zoo.

Fans were enraged by Robert’s “gracious and gentlemanly” response to an admirer’s approach.

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The experience was “extremely flattering,” according to Robert.

In an interview with Stellar Magazine, he revealed that the experience was “quite pleasant,” but he didn’t end up providing the woman with his phone number.

“While I couldn’t give out my personal information, I truly appreciated speaking with someone who clearly had a great interest and love for the Zoo and my message,” he stated.

“If they’re not ready to don the khaki and go feed crocs? It’s not happening, mate!”

The woman, later identified as Megan Grass, was seen attracting the nature warrior’s attention and waving him over in the TikTok video.

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Megan attempted to obtain Robert Irwin’s phone number.

“I think you’re really cool, and I was wondering if I could have your phone number,” she said to Robert.

Robert laughed and said, “Well, I’m extremely flattered, thank you!” before shifting the discussion and inquiring where she was from.

The woman claimed to be from the state of Utah in the United States.

“Cool, sure, Utah’s amazing,” Robert said.

The conservationist told Megan that the “easiest method” to contact him is through his Instagram DMs.

“Then my folks can look at it, watch it, and see what comes through since my number is hit-or-miss,” he explained.

But then their encounter took an awkward but humorous turn.

“Oh my God, this is so odd, but I actually DM’d you last night to let you know I’d be here today,” Megan replied.

Megan didn’t end up with Robert’s phone number.

“He’s just like his father, so sweet and precious,” another said.

Megan appeared on the Today Show the day after her video went viral, and she claimed that she had not received a response from Robert.

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“I absolutely think it paid off because I got to meet Robert, which is really great,” she told Karl Stefanovic and Brooke Boney.

“I was not expecting it to blow up the way it did, but it was an overall pretty great experience, and Robert was so sweet about it.”