Alexis Bartlett is an Australian baby who was born with a fuzzy head.

An ultrasound X-ray, just a few weeks after conception, revealed that newborns already have hair, which generally takes a year or two for babies to develop.

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Alexis, who was born six months ago, already has shoulder-length hair. When her parents watched the ultrasound, they became concerned since she appeared to have hair on her forehead, back, and buttocks.

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According to the little girl’s mother, the tiny daughter looks like her because she was also also also also born with rich hair. The irony is that the young mother works as a barber. The beautiful baby wreaked havoc on the beach, attracting hundreds of admirers.

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It might take months, if not years, for some babies’ heads to be gifted with lush locks. Even while Alexis was still in the womb, her hair was visible.

Alexis Bartlett, a six-month-old infant from Sydney, had so much hair that her parents were shocked upon her birth, despite noticing clues in an ultrasound.

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“At first, we were both startled; it wasn’t just her scalp; she had a hairy forehead and hair all over her back – not to mention her hairy butt.

“The ultrasound showed that she was going to be hairy, so there was a vital sign she was going to be taking after me in those stakes.

“I was born with hair, and I’ve even compiled two images of us as hairy babies to show folks where she got it from.

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The irony of Alexis’ abundant hair is compounded by the fact that her mother, Nicola Bartlett, 32, works as a hairdresser.

Alexis has showcased her lovely brown hair in the Sydney sun while out with her family, gaining her a slew of admirers.

Alexis, who is only six months old, already has shoulder-length hair.

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“It’s funny that Nicola, being a hairdresser, gave birth to such a hairy baby,” Adrian, who owns a fire extinguisher company, said.

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“Our family loves her to bits although her great-grandfather hates all the hair ties and hair clips but he will get over it.


“Strangers are always stopping us wherever we go to the extent that we couldn’t conceive having a bald baby.

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“Shopping always takes a little longer, and dinners out are always disrupted by everyone else sitting close.

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“I adore her hair; it gives a lot of character. Because we live in Sydney and it is summer, we are constantly taking Alexis swimming outside.

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“Everyone claimed it would fall out, but six months later it’s only getting longer, and she might be due for a haircut soon, so Nicola will have to check her diary for appointments.”