Sienna Duffield was diagnosed with the deadly virus earlier this year after kissing a family member.

Savina French-Bell, 21, had to wash her three-year-old’s linens daily and throw out stuff after terrible blisters formed across her daughter’s face.

Her kid was rushed to the hospital and placed on an IV drip in October 2015, on her second birthday, since she had stopped eating.


Savina, a Gloucester resident, sought advice on lotions and medications to prevent Sienna’s condition from deteriorating further.

She has now decided to share her experience to help other parents whose children are suffering from the same disease.

She said that Sienna’s skin illness was eating her alive.

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A cute toddler who was being eaten alive by a contagious skin ailment has made a full recovery. Sienna Duffield, now three, was diagnosed with herpes earlier this year, a dangerous illness that caused blisters across her face. In October 2015, the toddler kissed a family member, resulting in a severe infection.

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Savina French-Bell, Sienna’s mother, had to wash Sienna’s bed linens daily and continually toss out clothes due to blood stains from Sienna’s sores. The painful blisters were highly uncomfortable, resulting in bloodstains and pus on Sienna’s sensitive skin.

Sienna was brought to the hospital on her second birthday in October 2015, when she was placed on an intravenous drip due to a lack of appetite.

Savina sought guidance on lotions and medicines to keep Sienna’s condition from worsening. The young woman is now telling her tale to aid other parents going through the same thing.

‘It came out of nowhere when she got mouth ulcers on her second birthday.’

‘It looked like acid had been thrown on her face; it crawled from her mouth to her cheeks and over her eyes.’

She claimed that medications had failed to treat the infection for eight months and that things only began to improve after Sienna was prescribed flucloxacillin to treat severe dermatitis.

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‘Doctors were startled, and for a long time, they had no idea what had caused Sienna’s infection,’ she went on.

‘I discovered she has eczema, which has dramatically aggravated her skin.’

‘Because her body was feeble, reconstructing her face took a long time.

‘Every day, her skin would be plastered to pillows, and there would be blood all over the place.’

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‘I tried to keep her from scratching herself, but she scratched her face on everyday objects like sofas.’

Sienna’s condition has improved, and her mother is hopeful that it will continue to improve.

‘Sienna’s face has looked great for a few months now, and the illness hasn’t reappeared,’ she said.

‘There’s always the chance that it will return, but fingers crossed that it won’t and her skin will stay as good as it is today.’

‘I was told that as she ages, her body will grow more capable of fighting infections.’

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‘It’s nice to be free to go outside without fear of being judged.’


‘People were cruel to Sienna before, but now everyone is blown away by how well her face has healed, and it’s incredible to watch.’