88-year-old Rain thoroughly enjoyed her supper at this restaurant. The window table was her favorite place to sit. Every day, she ate alone, ordering the daily specials. The event made Rain’s day perfect. After discovering who she is, the restaurant manager eventually tosses her out and later regrets his decision.

The restaurant employees admired Rain, a regular customer. She was a beam of brightness who never failed to congratulate her waitress. Then, one day, with apprehension, she entered the premises and ate her dinner alone. She finished her meal, stood up, and went without paying.

Her medical staff was perplexed as to what had happened. But what was it exactly? He didn’t bother following her to ask for the money because he knew she was a regular and would return. Then he observed something strange.

Rain sometimes went to the restaurant alone. She and her husband had eaten there when it opened and had become regulars. They also celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary there, dancing late into the night.

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Her husband, however, grew ill and died a year later. It was a lousy time for Rain. She slowly degraded from the vivacious individual she once was. She disliked visitors, going out, and eating a lot.

One day, Rain received a letter. It was from the restaurant, highlighting Rain’s apparent absence while offering her a free dinner. It provided her with the push she needed to get over her loss. The rain made the brave decision to eat at the restaurant herself, even though it was difficult.

Rain has been through a lot in the last three months, but the restaurant hasn’t changed. The atmosphere was friendly, and the aroma from the kitchen was delicious. Rain’s friend, the restaurant owner, sat at the window table to comfort her and said he would be there.

It was a wonderful evening and the start of a new chapter in her life. She gradually regained her prior vibrant demeanor and resumed her daily visits to the restaurant.


Rain then answered the phone when the hospital called. It was the test result she’d gotten a week prior. She was nervous and had no idea what to expect. Rain’s doctor diagnosed her with blood cancer. The heart of Rain has been slashed open with a knife. She inquired about the seriousness and time constraints. Rain was told by the doctor that her sickness was terminal and that she only had six months to a year to live.

Rather than giving up, Rain returned to the restaurant that had assisted her in the past. The restaurant, however, had lately altered. It had a new boss who was harsh on the employees and had no idea about Rain’s link to the company.

He was never courteous to the staff and loathed watching them have a good time. Customers reduced their visits when the restaurant’s ambiance worsened. Employees who had previously been cheerful arrived at work depressed.

The rain left the hospital and headed straight to the restaurant. The crew quickly brought in the day’s specials as soon as she seated at her window-side table. Rain attempted to initiate a conversation, but the manager fixed his gaze on them.

“This restaurant only serves to pay customers,” the manager explained as he approached her. It makes no difference how great everyone thinks you are since we are not a charity.” Rain scribbled something on a piece of paper with a pen, set it on the table, and walked away silently. Rain’s message was discovered when cleaning the table. He decided to read the note out of curiosity. Robin yelled. What exactly did he read?

Words that can change everything.

“I’ve been coming here for about 30 years, to the restaurant personnel,” the note added. ” I’ve noticed various changes at the restaurant, including employee layoffs and new hires. There are several menu modifications. “However, I’ve always been present.”

This was an incredible opportunity for me. Because of my advanced age and illness, I’d like to leave you enough money to demonstrate my thanks.

“The manager will not receive a dime of my money,” was written at the bottom in pen. “I’ll also alert the owner about him.”