Amber Heard once spoke openly about her rumoured feud with Jason Momoa on Aquaman sets. More information is available now!

Amber Heard has been in the spotlight since the defamation trial over her op-ed against Johnny Depp in 2018. She lost the case and was compelled to pay her ex-husband $10.35 million.

While she does not have that type of money, several bizarre claims about her s*x life and toxic behaviour have circulated on the internet.

Scroll down to learn the truth about her rumoured feud with Jason Momoa on Aquaman sets.

Since Johnny Depp won the slander trial, most people are aware that netizens have been more vocal than ever in demanding Amber’s expulsion from the DCEU franchise. There have been petitions with over 4 million signatures circulated online. 

There have even been rumours that Emilia Clarke has replaced the actress and is covertly re-shooting all of her sequences in the sequel, but there has been no confirmation of this. During the latest court battle, Jason Momoa discreetly supported Johnny Depp by following him on Instagram. 

There were rumours that he didn’t get along with Amber Heard on the Aquaman set, while some claimed that he and director James Wan had been fighting with creators to retain her in the franchise despite the online backlash.

But there was one occasion when Amber Heard spoke openly about her rumoured feud with Jason Momoa on the Aquaman set. In 2018, she told Entertainment Weekly, “You always know where Jason is… He’d make the worst ninja in history.” Heard elaborated. “I became annoyed with him because I read books on set and I’m quiet. He’s allergic to not making people laugh or keeping them engaged all the time. So he began snatching my books in order to force me to pay attention to him.”

“He’s just as you picture Jason would be like, but even more so,” Amber said of her time working with Jason. His heart and personality are as large as he is. He’s got a big voice, and his sense of humour isn’t complete unless he makes people laugh.”

There is no bad blood in this house!