The treatment for her fibromyalgia has improved, according to Betty Ross, Jonathan Ross’ daughter, who shared the news with her Instagram followers.

Betty frequently advises those who struggle with the chronic illness, which causes pain and fatigue throughout the body and is open about her battle with it.

The 31-year-old social media celebrity recently shared an update on her recent activities, which included several adorable pictures of herself spending time by the sea in Swanage with her The Jonathan Ross Show host father and novelist mother, Jane Goldman.

Do you ever feel embarrassed when using your wheelchair? a follower wrote. “I don’t go out much because I’m ashamed and afraid of running out of battery or getting trapped trying to get up a curb. Your photos are fantastic, x. “.

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Betty explained that by limiting her public appearances and taking the time to write a thorough and helpful response, she has been managing her condition and minimising adverse side effects.

It certainly does occasionally, but she admitted: “I think I’m getting better at timing myself, which helps me avoid or at least minimise post-exercise drowsiness.

“The consultants from Perrin gave me wise advice. No matter how much I try to accomplish in a day—and I’ve tried a lot—I never complete more than half of it. “.

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I apply this rule to everything, so even if I can handle a 30-minute drive to the park, I won’t go any further than a 15-minute trip out.

Playing it safe has prevented me from experiencing PEM blowback as frequently or severely, and because I’m working less, my capacity has significantly increased. As a result, even though I’m only accomplishing half of what I believe I can manage, my degree has been expanding”.

I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time with your exhaustion; I’m crossing my fingers that things get better for you soon. I sometimes get it wrong, but it’s helped.

A happy response to Betty’s warm and supportive post came from one of her fans, who said, “Thank you so much, that’s helped me; I hope you have lots and lots of lovely days”.

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The actress added that visiting the beach improved her disposition. Another well-wisher was addressed by Betty, who replied, “Hello, fellow fibro warrior! Yes, it is pretty good! It’s both serene and joyful to me. “.

In October 2021, Jonathan first discussed his daughter’s illness on Good Morning Britain, noting that Betty’s illness had forced the family to postpone their annual Halloween party. In the video below, he just gave an update on her condition.

According to the NHS, there is no known cause for fibromyalgia. It is related to “abnormal brain chemical concentrations and changes in the central nervous system’s processing of pain signals transmitted throughout the body. “.

Although there is no known cure, therapies like painkillers and antidepressants, counselling and talking therapies like CBT, and lifestyle changes like exercise routines and relaxation techniques, may help lessen some symptoms.

In addition to postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, Betty also has myalgic encephalomyelitis.

Another well-known sufferer is Lady Gaga, who has previously stated that she uses an infrared blanket to help control flare-ups.