The actress Sharon Stone lamented bitterly on Thursday night that the recent financial turmoil brought on by the failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank of New York cost her “half” her income.

At a star-studded fundraising dinner for the Women’s Cancer Research Fund in Beverly Hills, Stone gave a speech in which she discussed the financial hardships she had to deal with while urging the audience to support cancer research.

“I know that getting on and figuring out how to SMS the money is difficult,” Stone said during her speech. Although I’m a technical moron, I can write a check”.

Additionally, since I am aware of what is happening, this is courage at this very moment. Despite the fact that I recently lost half of my money in a banking scam, I am still here”.

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The “Basic Instinct” actor made no mention of her financial situation or the circumstances surrounding her losses, which came only a few days after SVB and Signature Bank collapsed, respectively becoming the second- and third-largest bank failures in US history.

It is unlikely that the actress would have suffered a loss of funds associated with either institution because the federal government intervened to guarantee all deposits made at the two banks, whether they were insured or not.

But this week, a run on smaller banks and significant stock drops were sparked by concerns about contagion, raising the possibility that her losses were related to the selloff that took place in the days after the banks’ failure.

The Post has asked for comment after being unable to independently confirm her claims.

In addition to expressing gratitude to the other survivors in the audience, Stone, who was presented with the nonprofit’s Courage Award, gave an emotional account of her experience with breast cancer. The speech was followed by a standing ovation.

Her brother Patrick, who passed away from heart disease at the age of 57 last month, was also mentioned by Stone.

Although my brother recently passed away, I am still present. We’re not in a good place right now, Stone acknowledged. Despite the terrible state of the world right now, I won’t let any politician tell me what I can and cannot do. What my life is worth and what it isn’t, as well as how I can and cannot live. Get up, then. Go ahead and assert your worth. I’m going to test you. That is what bravery consists of. “.