Michael Jackson was a legendary singer, songwriter, dancer, and performer who earned the title “The King of Pop” by having a profound impact on the world. ”.

However, MJ was also a family man, and throughout his career, he had three children with two different women, giving him a strong family life. He tragically passed away 11 years ago.

His youngest child, Bigi Jackson, will turn 18 in 2020. On several social media platforms, he has recently been fairly active.

The third child of Michael bears a striking resemblance to the famous pop icon in the most recent pictures of the child.

Bigi Jackson, the son of pop icon Michael Jackson

Up until his death, the tabloids frequently ran stories about Michael Jackson’s love life, marriages, and children. Michael had three kids with two different women, which aroused a lot of interest.

The media frequently questioned whether Michael Jackson was those children’s biological father in addition to speculating about each child’s real mother.

If you think about Michael’s prior relationships, it might not seem so strange that the media was curious to learn more.

Michael Jackson started dating Lisa Marie Presley in 1974. He was only 16 years old when he met Lisa for the first time, and Elvis Presley himself had brought them together by introducing them to a hotel in Las Vegas.

Lisa was a huge Jackson 5 fan when she was six years old. She loved the young singer in particular.

Bigi Jackson, the son of pop icon Michael Jackson

But it wouldn’t be until 18 years later, at a dinner hosted by the artist Brett-Livingstone Strong, that the pair would get together again. The couple quickly grew close and started talking on the phone every day.

One of their many similarities was the complicated relationship Michael and Lisa had with the “real” world. Since they had both been well-known since they were children, they had both grown up in very safe environments.

When Lisa first met Michael, they had two kids together and Lisa was still technically married to actor Danny Keough. But as their relationship grew, Michael questioned Lisa on the phone one day: “If I asked you to marry me, would you do it?” Lisa responded in the affirmative.

Lisa concurred and later got rid of Danny. Just 20 days after the divorce was officially finalized, Michael and Lisa got married. The couple exchanged vows at a wedding in the Dominican Republic in 1994. Don’t minimize the importance of this massive celebrity wedding; one tabloid dubbed it “The Marriage of the Century.”. ”.

Bigi Jackson, the son of pop icon Michael Jackson

However, their union quickly descended into total chaos. Lisa Marie didn’t want kids with her partner. She didn’t see a future with the American musician because she thought he was too young to be a father.

Lisa asserted that Michael struggled in his adult relationships and frequently displayed “childish” behavior. Michael, on the other hand, reportedly had a strong desire to have children. He allegedly told Lisa that she was under no obligation to carry his children if she didn’t want to.

My friend Debbie [Rowe] predicted she would get pregnant and give birth to my child. She will if you don’t do it. What do you think, J. Michael informed her that the publication was “Michael Jackson: The Magic and the Madness” by Randy Taraborrelli.

Lisa reportedly said she was okay with that. The couple dated on and off for another four years after divorcing in 1996.

During his marriage to Lisa Presley, Debbie Rowe was also constantly present.

There is a long history between Debbie and Michael. They met for the first time in the middle of the 1980s when Debbie worked as the pop star’s dermatologist’s assistant. Debbie helped Michael for many years with his vitiligo skin condition.

They grew close friendships that eventually paved the way for something more.

Bigi Jackson, the son of pop icon Michael Jackson

Following their 1996 wedding, Michael and Debbie Jackson later welcomed two of their three children. Michael Joseph “Prince” Jackson, Jr. was delivered by Debbie. in 1997. A year later, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson made her stage debut.

Michael and Debbie had a rather odd approach to parenting.

Michael preferred to raise the children at the Neverland Ranch alone, so Debbie served as more of a stand-in mother. Debbie visited her kids occasionally because she didn’t want to grow too close to them.

“My children do not refer to me as mom because I do not want them to.
He (Michael) owns them.
I had them because I wanted him to be a parent, not because they are not my children. People often say, “I can’t believe she left her kids.”. I didn’t abandon my kids; I just removed them, leaving them behind. My children are with their father, as they ought to be, in that location. In an interview with English journalist Martin Bashir, Debbie said, “I did not do it to become a mother… I would have five more kids right away if he called me tonight and said, “Let’s have five more.”.

Bigi Jackson, the son of pop icon Michael Jackson

However, it’s obvious that this “deal” cost her money.

Debbie’s eventual divorce petition in 1999 made clear how unhappy she was with the arrangement. As part of their divorce, Debbie gave Michael sole custody of her children. The two people remained close friends despite this.

In February 2002, Michael Jackson gave birth to his third child. Despite being given the name Prince Michael Jackson II, the term “Blanket” quickly gained popularity. His constant use of a blanket to cover his face in public led to the nick name “Prince.”.

Michael, however, claimed that the odd nickname had a lovely quality.

A blanket is a blessing and a way to express love and care, he once said. ”.

The moniker “Blanket” gained notoriety all over the world when Michael carried him over a fourth-floor balcony railing at a hotel in Berlin. Many people expressed shock and claimed that Michael was endangering his unborn child. MJ would later be sorry for what happened and say he was overexcited.

Bigi Jackson, the son of pop icon Michael Jackson

The mother of Michael’s third child is still unknown. Although Debbie Rowe has categorically denied it, there have been claims that she is Prince Michael II’s biological mother. Michael admitted that he was not the mother of the child and that it was born through artificial insemination.

In 2015, “Blanket” declared he preferred “Bigi” instead. For him, it was a big step because, according to the news, Bigi had been the target of taunts for years because of his nickname.

When Bigi was only seven years old, his father passed away in June 2009. The King of Pop, who was 50 years old, had a heart attack and unexpectedly passed away at home.

Following the tragic passing of Michael Jackson’s father, Katherine Jackson raised Bigi, Michael Jackson’s mother. Jackson’s nephew TJ Jackson also stepped in to support the family and the children.

Bigi struggled to accept Michael’s death because of his intense father-loss grief. According to some accounts, Bigi interrupted himself once or twice.

Bigi Jackson, the son of pop icon Michael Jackson

However, Bigi appears to be doing well for the time being.

Bigi Jackson is currently a resident of Calabasas, California. He reportedly resides in a home in a upscale gated neighborhood where some of his neighbors include well-known figures like Dr. Dre and John Travolta.

At the Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California, the 18-year-old student is focused on his academics. He enjoys practicing karate and spending time with his many cousins.

Bigi is currently being looked after by his older cousin T.
Currently in charge is Jackson’s grandmother Katherine, who will turn 91 soon.

Bigi Jackson, the son of pop icon Michael Jackson

Bigi has frequently tried to remain out of the public eye. He does, nonetheless, occasionally show up at public events. He might have been present, for instance, when his older brother Prince received his diploma from Loyola Marymount University in May 2019.

Bigi has a YouTube channel that he shares with his brother Prince Jackson. On the channel “Film Family,” the brothers discuss a variety of films. Despite having few clips available, the channel has 35,000 subscribers right now. So maybe Gigi will show up more frequently in the future?

Bigi, in my opinion, inherited a lot of his father’s good looks because they are very similar in many ways.

Bigi Jackson, the son of pop icon Michael Jackson

Bigi has these beautiful black curls that make it impossible to look at him without thinking of Michael. Bigi frequently appears wearing t-shirts with images of the Marvel’s Avengers, suggesting that the boy has inherited his father’s love of comic books and superheroes.

We are already aware of the challenges it can present for a child to have famous parents. Bigi is probably not an outlier. Keep in mind that he had to go through a difficult grieving process in front of everyone’s cameras.

Bigi Jackson, the son of pop icon Michael Jackson

From what we know, however, Bigi seems happy with his life and behaves normally, as most teenagers do, which is a good sign.

Let’s hope that it stays this way, whichever path Bigi chooses.