Everybody who has finally finished their education anticipates graduation day. Family and friends gather to celebrate a person’s success. But the accomplishments this mother-daughter team had made as a team multiplied their joy.

A mother and daughter from the same family both received their nursing degrees from East Carolina University. According to the institution, this is the first time something comparable has happened.

According to Jessica Van Wagenen, “They initially mistook us for sisters, and I had to clarify that I was the mother and we were working together.”.

In the same class, mom and daughter both graduate from nursing school.

Van Wagenen, a retired former marine, claimed that she put off her goals in order to raise her daughters. But now, as chance would have it, she and her daughter both began to work toward those objectives once more.

“I always thought the kids needed some kind of stability,” the mother said. “We were always picking up and moving, and their dad was kind of in and out all the time. I therefore made the decision not to go to college so that I could provide the kids with as much stability at home as I could. ”.

Her daughter, Keelin Van Wagenen, expressed her admiration for her mother for not giving up on her goals.

The delighted daughter continued, “I tell her every day that I’m proud of her, and she continued to do what she wanted to do.

In the same class, mom and daughter both graduate from nursing school.

Both women have already launched their careers. While Jessica works as an operating room nurse for Carteret Healthcare, her daughter Keelin is a pediatric nurse at ECU Health.

Both women declared that they would cherish their shared memories of nursing school forever.
It is very enjoyable.
It’s wonderful to be able to share that with my daughter. We’ll always have that together, Jessica said with a chuckle. ”.

In the same class, mom and daughter both graduate from nursing school.

It’s reviving, I feel.
When others traveled “with their siblings or significant others,” I went with my mother, Keelin said with pride.

It is enjoyable to see this mother-daughter team pursuing their goals. Come help us support them as they transition into the workforce!

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