Brad has taken full responsibility for everything for which he has been held liable since the beginning, in contrast to Angelina, and he has no intention of taking any additional responsibility, according to Pitt’s legal counsel. ”.

Brad Pitt’s ongoing legal action against their winery, claims a source close to Angelina Jolie, was brought about by her refusal to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

A non-disparagement clause being included in the contract was a typical requirement of their business relationship, claims a source on Pitt’s side.

The sale of Jolie’s stake in Château Miraval, a French company with a home and vineyard in the southern region of France where they were married in 2014, prompted Pitt, 59, to file a lawsuit against the actress this week.

Jolie’s sale of her stake is disputed in Pitt’s most recent update to his complaint. After their divorce, he alleges that Jolie, 47, “purposefully concealed the sale of her stake in their family wine business to a Russian oligarch,” and that her affiliation with the buyer poses an “existential threat to the business.”. ”.


Brad Pitt filed a lawsuit against Angelina Jolie for “failure to agree to keep quiet.”

According to court documents, the couple bought “the château as a shared residence for their children and the vineyard as a family business. Furthermore, “Jolie did not help Miraval succeed despite supporting Pitt’s efforts for the benefit of the family.”.

According to court documents, Pitt’s legal team emphasized that “the alleged sale disrupts Pitt’s right to enjoy the home he built for his family. ”.

A source with knowledge of the situation claims that Jolie’s refusal to sign an NDA, which would have prevented her from talking about earlier claims of domestic abuse, was the reason why Pitt decided to file a lawsuit over the sale.

A non-disparagement clause was included in the contract, which is completely typical for transactions of this nature, according to a source close to Pitt. ”.

Specifically regarding Miraval, the insider said, “Brad requested a mutual NDA and non-disparagement due to concerns over sensitive financial information and brand safeguarding, which is standard practice in such transactions.”. The divorce or their children had nothing to do with it. ”.

Pitt’s lawyer, Anne Kiley of Elkins Kalt Weintraub Reuben Gartside LLP, remarked that, “unlike Angelina, Brad has taken full responsibility for everything he is accountable for from day one. She continued, “We stand by the results because he dealt with every agency, professional, and two court hearings she requested. ”.

Brad Pitt filed a lawsuit against Angelina Jolie for “failure to agree to keep quiet.”

The earlier accusations against Jolie were made public by court documents last year. These allegations centered on an incident that occurred in 2016 while traveling with their six children, which led to her filing for divorce a few days later.

Mr. Despite how often he modifies his allegations, the insider claims that Pitt “cannot evade the fact that he assaulted both physically and verbally Ms. Jolie and the kids, even going to the extent of choking one of the children and striking another.”.

Even seven years after the tragic plane crash, the insider claims that Mr. Pitt has never publicly denied these occurrences.

Mr. Pitt’s claim that he is suing his ex-wife to protect his family is puzzling in light of the fact that he is fully aware that the kids have not been permitted on the French property for almost seven years due to the reasons Ms. Jolie outlined in her divorce petition.

The truth, according to an insider, is that Pitt refused to finalize the Miraval sale with Jolie until she agreed to keep quiet about the abuse. In order to silence her, he ordered the withholding of $8.15 billion. The insider said that “Ms. Jolie had no desire to talk about what had occurred. In actuality, she’s never tried it.

She has instead devoted her life to advocating for changes in the nation’s shamefully inadequate response to domestic abuse and helping kids on their road to recovery. This information is now public because Mr. Pitt made the decision to file a lawsuit against her for violating their confidentiality agreement. ”.

Brad Pitt filed a lawsuit against Angelina Jolie for “failure to agree to keep quiet.”

A source close to Pitt told PEOPLE, “It is incredibly disheartening that she persists in rehashing, modifying, and embellishing her account of an incident that occurred, including the inclusion of completely false information, all to garner more attention for herself at the expense of their family. ”.

In a response submitted as part of the winery case, Jolie’s legal team brought up the allegations regarding the 2016 plane incident. Jolie was given permission to provide information to law enforcement, and they ultimately decided not to prosecute her.

In spite of this, each month she revisits the same problem, bringing new information that is actually false in order to further her own objectives.

Following reports of a drunken altercation between Pitt and Jolie, the FBI and the Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services started their own investigations. On a private jet traveling from France to their Los Angeles residence, the incident took place.

At the time, a source claimed that Pitt had acted “physically” and verbally aggressively toward one of their children. Pitt vehemently denied having done anything wrong.

The Department of Child and Family Services came to a similar conclusion after conducting its own investigation and not uncovering any proof of abuse.

When asked about her divorce in a 2021 interview with The Guardian, Jolie replied, “I’m not the kind of person who makes decisions like the ones I had to make lightly. ”.

It took me a long time to come to the realization that I needed to break off my relationship with the father of my kids. ”.

At the time, Jolie claimed her experiences had left her “broken” and wished for her family to move on, “including their dad.”. She continued, “There’s a lot I can’t say.”.