The 83-year-old Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll passed away on May 24.

Tina Turner accumulated a phenomenal net worth throughout her illustrious career before her untimely death on May 24 at the age of 83.

The singer of What’s Love Got to Do with It was estimated to be worth $250 million by a number of net worth calculators. Tina died after a protracted illness made worse by intestinal cancer, hypertension, and a kidney transplant.

Who will receive Tina Turner’s $250 million fortune upon her passing?

She passed away on December 8, 2022, less than six months after her youngest son Ronnie Turner’s tragic death. Her oldest son, Craig Turner, also passed away in 2018 after committing suicide.

The fact that Tina was among the best-selling musicians of all time and had a net worth of $250 million is not surprising. In actuality, she increased her wealth just before she passed away by deciding to exchange an estimated $50 million for the rights to her songs, likeness, and image from BMG Rights Management.

Who will receive Tina Turner’s $250 million fortune upon her passing?

According to reports, Tina completed her estate in the years prior to her passing after battling intestinal cancer and high blood pressure, which accelerated kidney decline and led to her husband, Erwin Bach, donating one of his kidneys to her in 2017.

Although her will has not been made public, it is widely believed that she will leave her ten-year marriage her entire estate, if not the majority of it. The couple dated for 27 years before tying the knot in 2013 in Switzerland during a civil ceremony.

Who will receive Tina Turner’s $250 million fortune upon her passing?

Many believe Tina will distribute her wealth among her husband and her two surviving children, Ike Turner Jr. During her marriage to Ike Turner, she also adopted infants Michael Turner and Craig Turner, as her two biological children, Ronnie and Craig, had already passed away.

But as of 2018, Ike Jr. claimed that he hadn’t spoken to his mother in almost two decades. Additionally, he claimed that despite her distance from Michael, she had “sent him money” in order to help him pay for his medical expenses.

Ike Jr. stated, “Tina raised me beginning at age two. said. She is the only mother I have ever known. But it’s been a while—probably since around 2000—since I spoke to my mother. The same is probably true for my brothers, who haven’t talked to her in a while. Having recently gotten married, my mother is currently traveling throughout Europe and having fun. She doesn’t want to engage with the past in any way. ”.

Who will receive Tina Turner’s $250 million fortune upon her passing?

Ike Jr. Michael needs medical assistance and is in a rehabilitation center in Southern California, the speaker continued.
He has appeared before me quite frequently.
He’s doing great, actually. When asked whether Tina ever visits Michael, he replied, “No. She never sends him anything other than money. ”.

According to a post on social media by her representative, Tina, the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll, passed away in Switzerland after a protracted illness.

Who will receive Tina Turner’s $250 million fortune upon her passing?

We regret to inform you of Tina Turner’s passing, it read. She won over countless fans all over the world with her music and boundless joie de vivre, and she served as an inspiration for today’s rising stars. Today, we said goodbye to a close friend who left the world with her music as her greatest legacy.
Her family has our sincere sympathies.
Sadly, Tina, we will miss you. ”.