Bowie was acquired as a pet from the shelter in 2014, but his family returned him a few years later.

When Bowie was born in 2014, he was adopted from Gateway Pet Guardians, a shelter in East Saint Louis, Illinois. He was, however, restored to the top a few years later.

Instead of remaining at the shelter, he was fortunate enough to be placed with a family after only a few months in the top. However, when it came to finding a permanent residence, no one needed him.

adopted bowie

Days turned into months, and months turned into years, and Bowie still needed to be adopted after 1,250 days. Bowie could also be an adorable well-trained dog.

Because his adoption fee had already been paid, the rescue agreed to provide Bowie’s adopter with four free personal coaching courses and an educated photoshoot.

bowie relationship

Gateway Pet Guardians were determined to publish Bowie’s tale on social media to attract the attention of anyone who could save him.
Their submission was successful, as they received 40 applications from people who wanted to work with Bowie. They combed through all of them thoroughly to find him the best home.

cute bowie

They met with a girl they thought was a good fit, and they adopted Bowie the previous weekend!

In the video below, you’ll see Bowie’s adorable reaction to trying out, and he’s finally been adopted.

relationship with bowie
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