Given the recent crime wave that has affected the entire nation, it is only natural to be concerned for our children’s safety. Thank goodness this young boy was ready and made a choice that might have saved his life.

It was just another day for Sammy Green, 10, of Pottstown, Pennsylvania. When he noticed something odd, he was returning from school along his usual route.

A woman appeared to be following him, he noticed. Sam Green, his father, explained what had happened to the media in a statement. He stated “Started walking with him and enquiring after his family and father. “.

Sammy, the kid, was confident that he did not know the woman. She persisted that she knew his family and that he was required to accompany her.


Sammy, a young boy, recalled that “she said she probably knew me and was going to Wawa and that he was supposed to go with her and that he could get anything he wanted.”.

The 10-year-old boy found this interaction strange and began to consider his options. Suddenly, he noticed a familiar store and asked for the assistance inside.

Knowing this was his only chance to get assistance, he hurried towards the cashier when he entered store, Dani Bee Funky. When he approached the cashier, she immediately took action after hearing something he quickly whispered in her ear.

“Act like you’re my mom, and this lady is following me,” Sammy’s father told the cashier, according to Sammy’s son. ‘”.

When the cashier heard Sammy, she immediately jumped up to put herself between him and the woman, according to surveillance footage of the entire incident. The woman, in the meantime, had arrived at the store and was waiting at the door.

When the customer left, the cashier closed the store’s door and went on to lock it after leaving the woman outside.

During a discussion about the incident, store owner Dani Small commended her employee for quickly assisting the young boy. “I am extremely proud of her,” Small said. Hannah is a young woman of 17 years old. Everything she did was correct. “.

The 17-year-old employee had a difficult situation to handle or take charge of, but she rose to the challenge and kept the young boy safe!

Authorities have taken custody of the woman who attempted to entice little Sammy away and has referred her for mental health care.

We want to thank the young lady who assisted this young boy in escaping danger. What a fantastic way to help a person in need!

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