Regarding the music business, Luke Bryan is frequently regarded as one of the good guys. He is a well-known personality who garners attention for the right reasons, never forgets to thank his fans, and avoids getting involved in controversy.

However, some seemed unimpressed with his choice to invite the “very divisive” Governor Ron DeSantis to his concert in Jacksonville, Florida, earlier this month.

The Florida Disaster Fund is raising money for all affected by Hurricane Ian. Bryan stated during the performance that the proceeds from his shows in the Sunshine State would go there.

Bryan welcomed Florida Governor Rick Scott as part of the announcement. Ron DeSantis. That DeSantis has stoked the flames of controversy recently should go without saying, particularly by restricting voting rights.

DeSantis’ appearance was criticised online in response to Bryan’s choice. A large portion of Bryan’s fan base is made up of LGBTQ people, and the politician is notorious for being the brains behind Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law, which doesn’t sit well with them.

Bryan received enough backlash to respond on social media.

When I’m exhausted on a social platform, I usually don’t respond to things, but here’s the thing. I know that Governor Desantis [sic] is a highly divisive individual,” Bryan wrote.

“However, I grew up in a nation where, if a governor asks you if they can come and raise awareness for victims of a natural disaster, you help. “.

The country singer said, “Throughout my career, I’ve generally avoided politics. I was aware that there would be discussion about this, but for me the more crucial factor was whether it felt right to return there a few weeks after a significant number of people had been affected by a natural disaster in a state where people had been friendly to me. ”.

Bryan said, “This is all I have to say. “.

DeSantis’ name has appeared in the media quite recently, not the least because he is being positioned as Donald Trump’s potential biggest challenger for the leadership of the GOP.

Trump appeared to have warned DeSantis against considering a 2024 presidential run.

He may be running, but I’m not sure. He may seriously hurt himself if he runs. As reported by BBC News, “I really think he could hurt himself badly.”.

The party wouldn’t benefit. “.

In the earlier November midterm elections, DeSantis, a relative newcomer to politics, easily won a second term as governor of Florida.

He has been mentioned as a potential presidential candidate due to the sheer magnitude of his victory.

What do you think of Ron DeSantis, and what do you think of Luke Bryan’s choice to introduce him at his concert?

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