Celine Dion was once the most famous female vocalist in the world. However, the vocalist is currently battling in a variety of ways.

Celine recently announced that she is suffering from a rare ailment known as stiff-person syndrome, and now she has been struck with another blow that has enraged her devoted followers.

In almost 20 years, Céline Dion moved from being a Eurovision Song Contest singer to a best-selling recording artist.

The Canadian musician has given us numerous hits throughout the years, and she has always cared for her audience, ensuring they receive the most out of each event.


That’s why it’s so heartbreaking to learn of the great singer’s struggles over the years. Celine Dion has had a lot of heartbreak behind three decades of triumph, countless awards, and a Las Vegas residency.

René Angélil, her beloved spouse, was diagnosed with throat cancer. Her dear manager and husband, who had been by her side for 30 years, died of cancer in early 2016. Then, on her husband’s birthday, she lost her brother Daniel Dione to similar cancer.


But, via her legendary songs, she overcame most of her heartbreak and provided positive energy to those going through difficult times. Celine requires our assistance now more than ever.


She has struggled with health issues in recent years. Fans have voiced worry that Céline appears to be overly thin, which has frequently made headlines. Many of her fans were alarmed in 2019 “scarily thin” and “extremely underweight” in a series of disturbing photos.

However, the Canadian singer was eager to respond to the critics. “It irritates people that I am slim and make no effort. I’ve always been skinny. “No one in my family is overweight,” she explained to The Guardian.

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Celine Dion’s health status:

It’s unclear whether her recent diagnosis has anything to do with her slim frame, but for those who have watched the celebrity for a long time, she’s always been tiny and works hard. But we know that Celine has been battling severe and recurring muscle spasms for years, forcing her to withdraw from performing and cancel numerous dates on her Courage World Tour.

celine dion Health

The “unexpected medical symptoms” forced her to take a step back. Celine expressed her “heartbreak” about the postponement of the concerts in an Instagram post.

She cancelled more shows on the North American leg of her world tour in January 2022.

She then revealed in December 2022 that she has a rare neurological disease known as Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS).

The incurable illness produces uncontrollable muscle spasms.


Walking Difficulties:

SPS affects only one in a million people, and the illness is still poorly understood. People with SPS may “be too crippled to walk or move, or they are scared to leave the house because street noises can trigger spasms and falls,” according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders.

It has such an impact on Celine’s daily life that she has difficulties walking. Furthermore, it prevents her from using her vocal cords to sing as she used to.

Céline claims she works with a team of specialists and a sports medicine therapist to “rebuild my strength and capacity to perform again.”

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Is there no way back?

According to the gaming website SlotsUp, the My Heart Will Go On singer has lost over $70 million in revenue due to her profits from the Celine residency performance. Celine is resting at her home to recover; she plans to resume her world tour in 2024.

However, other experts are sceptical of her comeback to the international stage.

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Page Six recently spoke with Vegas journalist Scott Roeben, who updated how those close to the “Power of Love” singer are saying.


Voice of Celine Dion:

Celine has stunned admirers worldwide with her technical prowess, seductive persona, and generation-defining voice. It’s reasonable to say that a voice as lovely as Celine’s doesn’t come along very often. It’s incredible how similar her live voice is to her recorded voice.

Celine Dion is also one of the few vocalists who can perform the same song in two languages without losing its originality.

However, not everyone agrees on Celine’s excellence. On New Year’s Day, Rolling Stone issued a list of the best vocalists of all time, including many of the most famous performers.

To mention few, Aretha Franklin, Kelly Clarkson, and Tina Turner were all on the list.

Celine singing

But there was no Celine Dion. The French-Canadian performer, who has received multiple awards throughout her long career, did not cut. Some supporters were outraged by this choice.

“Respectfully, not including Celine Dion, possibly the best voice technician of all time,” producer, promoter, and recording artist Jamie Lambert tweeted.

And Lambert wasn’t the only one who slammed Rolling Stone and the people who put together the list. Several followers expressed their outrage on social media, with some even calling her absence a “crime against humanity.”

According to Rolling Stone, Aretha Franklin is the greatest singer of all time, Whitney Houston is second, and Sam Cook is third.

According to the publication, people were also “warned” before viewing the list. In a try to expect a response: “Before you start scrolling, bear in mind that this is the Greatest Singers list. Talent is impressive; genius is beyond comprehension.”

What are your thoughts on Celine’s omission from this list? Of course, these are always subjective assessments, but she needs to make the top 200. Or?

Céline Dion is in our thoughts and prayers!