Jennifer Garner took part in an intense mediation session on Saturday, during which she fell into tears, and her followers began to worry about her health.

When it appeared like the actress was about to lose it, she took part in a virtual healing session with her partner Chelsea on Instagram Live.

Jennifer’s face twitched as she worked on her breathing, and she had to pause the exercise to get some tissues and wipe her tears away.

Her devoted followers were taken aback by what had occurred and immediately began inquiring about Jennifer’s well-being.

Many viewers were perplexed, asking, “What on earth is going on here?” “She’s going through something,” others said, and “this is dreadful to witness.”

Her devoted followers voiced concern for her health, asking, “What are you going through?”… Many people believed that the behaviour they witnessed was an unwelcome intrusion into someone’s private life.


Jennifer was still wiping her nose and blotting away tears after the session as she praised Chelsea for such an “intense” session. Jennifer expressed gratitude to Chelsea for scheduling the meeting.

Her followers responded with comments such as “sorry Jennifer” and “she seems terribly anxious.”

The star did not elaborate on the reasons for her emotional outburst, but she smiled as she said farewell to the live audience.

Chelsea had heard Jennifer tell about her terrible year at the outset of her Instagram live show.

She has spent most of the last year at home with her three children, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Ben Affleck.

Jennifer and Ben have been able to co-parent their child well because they have maintained a close friendship.

She stated in an interview that “the most important thing is these children,” and that “we are completely in line with what we wish for them.”

“I must confess that I no longer anticipate dancing with my spouse at my daughter’s wedding.” But wait until he goes through the door and sees their emotions.

And if you see your children’s affection for someone else, especially if it is accurate and unconditional, you will want to be friends with that person.