Cher is a living legend who has been a mainstay of the entertainment business for many years. She is beloved by many generations. Even at the age of 76, she is still in the news.

She recently disclosed some offensive information about her appearance.

The singer and actress Cher are still in demand and popular at 76, just as she was when her career was at its height. The M.A. she is currently promoting. C. with the rapper Saweetie, a cosmetics line.

In addition, the artist made some intriguing comments in a promotional interview for the cosmetics company. She remarked about her grey hair, “It’s fine for other girls. “I simply choose not to. ”.

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The “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” singer has a reputation for drastically altering her appearance over the years. Still, one feature she insisted on maintaining was the colour of her hair. She is adamant about not accepting her grey hair.

The singer and actress have experimented with different colours and haircuts and talked about wearing wigs to alter her appearance. It’s just that I’ve always loved wigs, even though there’s nothing wrong with my hair, she said. They require very little maintenance, she continues. It merely makes changing my appearance simpler. “.

Cher asserts that her mentality, not cosmetics or procedures, is the secret to her enduring beauty. “You’re a girl forever,” Cher said, “do you know what I mean? If you never stop being a girl, you’ll never age. “.

She also rejects the idea that, after a certain age, you shouldn’t dress according to your age or use certain beauty products, contending that “having fun” is the most essential factor. Get a life, you people who are so preoccupied with other people’s makeup applications.

But she acknowledged in 2017 that she likes to take care of her skin.

She did confess to enjoying taking care of her skin in 2017. She named some of her favourite skincare products Jan Marini, the Proactiv line, and Dr Barbara Sturm’s eye cream and face wash.

The singer frequently speaks about her love of skincare products.

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She described her skincare regimen as very eclectic. Cher said, “I just have things I like from different people; I don’t stick to one product. “A little less is more because sometimes you can aim for something and miss it. Her focus on skin care has increased in recent years. “.

Cher looks fantastic, so whatever she’s doing must be working. We send her our best wishes!

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