Despite acknowledging that his secretary complained about having to listen to him “whine like a little girl,” the intimidating Breaking Bad actor who plays drug smuggler Tortuga was found to have liver cancer.

He made sure that his family and close friends needed to be made aware of this information.

When promoting his “wearable Viagra” product, Giddy, he talked about the experience. Giddy is a product created to assist men in naturally maintaining an erection.

Due to worries about his liver’s health, Trejo claimed to be a fan of his product.

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Doctors found a 10 cm tumour on his liver at the time of his diagnosis.

He continued, claiming that doctors were forced to give him “injections” rather than chemotherapy due to the size of his tumour. “.

For the treatment of liver cancer, a few injections are available.

Trejo might be referring to a technique called selective internal radiation for cancer treatment.

The NHS explains: “Radioactive beads are injected into the bloodstream of your liver to stop cancer from spreading. “.

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Adults whose livers are too damaged to tolerate other treatments may be given SIRT.

He claimed that they informed him that he was cancer-free when he returned six months later. “They used seven needles to administer three injections directly into the tumor. “.

“I was unable to disclose my cancer to anyone. “.

I’ve always maintained that I only persevered in silence. My secretary replies, “I had to listen to you whine like a little girl in silence,” She laughs. ‘.

His acting contract might be terminated if word got out, so he even tried to maintain his weight while working.

One of the most prevalent signs of liver cancer is unintentional weight loss.

The number of new cases of liver cancer in the UK each year is 6,200, according to Cancer Research UK.

According to the NHS, fatigue and a lack of vitality are symptoms.

Another possibility is the condition known as jaundice, which causes the skin or eyes to turn yellow.

You may also experience flu-like symptoms or a bump on the right side of your abdomen.