Shelly Loraine Kearns, Christina Aguilera’s mother, and she get along well. They do, however, have a tragic history together because of Christina’s father. Christina’s father’s abuse was something Shelly had to handle. Christina Aguilera’s mother is Shelly Loraine Kearns, and despite the fact that she prefers to stay out of the spotlight, she has never left her daughter’s side. All the information you require about the singer’s mother and their close bond is provided below.

Christina says her mother taught her how to be a warrior. The eldest of Shelly and Fausto Xavier Aguilera’s two daughters and the singer of “Genie in a Bottle” grew up in Staten Island, New York.

Christina Aguilera’s Horrible History with Her Mother

Young Christina turned to music for solace as a result of Fausto’s physical and emotional violence, which was unfortunate for Shelly and the family. The song “Oh Mother,” which was included on her 2006 album Back to Basics, was the singer’s musical response to her abusive past. In an interview with Paper magazine from 2018, the “Candyman” singer emphasized how having a strong mother helped her throughout her life. “I saw my mother having to be subservient and mind her Ps and Qs, or she’ll get beaten up,” she told the website.

“Either you can be so hurt by it that you turn for the worse, or you can feel empowered by it and decide not to go down that road. When Christina turned six, Shelly finally uprooted her family from Fausto and relocated them to their grandmother’s home in Rochester, a Pittsburgh suburb. Later on, she had a son named Michael with Jim Kearns.

As a result of their experiences, Christina and Shelly have both developed. Even though Christina and Shelly’s siblings endured terrible hardships in the Aguilera home, Christina gained a lot of wisdom from the experience while helping out her mother.

“I made the decision very early on that I would never put myself in a situation where I felt helpless to a man and that I would be able to make money for myself and my future children so they wouldn’t have to suffer at the hands of abuse,” Christina said. The environment in which my 7-year-old son and my 1-year-old daughter can feel safe and loved is crucial to me as their mother. I want to teach my kids to appreciate music rather than use it as a means of escapism like I did. At some point, Christina transformed her escape into a wildly prosperous career. The need for every mother to find a creative outlet was stressed repeatedly by her throughout the conversation.

“As much as we all love our children, we all have unique identities, and it’s important to have a release just for yourself,” she said. We devote so much of ourselves to others that we must schedule time for relaxing or creative outlets. She could always rely on Christina. Since her Mouseketeer days, Christina has experienced a sharp rise in fame, and Shelly has always stood by her daughter through thick and thin. In addition to constantly being by Christina’s side throughout her various transformations and sexual revolutions, Shelly was present to witness Christina receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2010.

Christina claimed that witnessing her mother’s struggles taught her that she didn’t have to let others control her life—a lesson that proved useful when she encountered criticism after releasing the extremely sexual “Dirrty. For me, it was an exciting and contentious time, she said. “Women are either not sexual enough or not fulfilling your fantasies enough, but if we’re overtly sexual or experiencing a sense of empowerment, we’re criticized for it. For Christina’s benefit, her mother’s life lessons and the way she raised her daughter helped to mold her into the person she is today.