A few customers expressed surprise when told what the hook on shopping carts is for. Every time we go grocery shopping, which we’ve all done at some point in our lives, we have to empty our bags, so we don’t have to drag a heavy cart around while holding them.

Several sensible and impractical solutions have been proposed to this problem, one of which would help people while they shop. Simply using a hook-on shopping cart is the best solution, or rather, a trick that confuses customers.

And, lest it is overlooked, these have been accessible in shopping carts for a considerable amount of time.

The hook on shopping carts hack was uploaded to TikTok by a Woolworth’s Australia account. A In the video, a store employee mentions Woolworth’s trolley [shopping cart] hack

Every trolley has a courtesy hook to hang your hat or reusable bags so you won’t have to lug them around the store. “.

This created quite a commotion on the social networking site, with many users commenting that they had no idea what was happening. One person remarked, “I was glad to find that hook.

My shopping bags are hung there. Another person expressed surprise that more people weren’t aware of this earlier. They said, “I thought everyone knew that.

It should be noted that similar hooks can be found on shopping carts at various other supermarket stores in the UK and North America. Be on the lookout for them.

New Zealand MP Deborah Russell made this hack public by using the hook on shopping carts and tweeting a picture. The Labor MP tweeted in 2019: “Shopping trolley innovation: a useful hook for bags. “.

Many people expressed surprise that they were unaware of her message as it spread quickly online. Customers have also complained that not all stores carry the hooks. One person continued, “I just found out that like a month ago, and I’ve been using trolleys for years. Who guesses?

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Several people responded to MP Russell’s tweet about the hook on shopping carts. “Yes!” wrote one user later. It’s incredible how many people need to know their purpose. To see so many bags in trolleys is exceptionally perplexing. A third commenter remarked, “Wonderful, so much of the cart is taken up by bags.

This desire for something they believe to be natural has disappointed one user. This time, the bag hook on a shopping cart is discovered by some genius to be a hook for hanging bags in yet another unique “hack” or “I had NO IDEA OMG” video on Facebook.

I could get by the entire year without making any New Year’s resolutions thanks to my ire toward people discovering an object’s intended use decades into their crazy lives.