Pink is one of the fittest celebrities in the industry, captivating crowds with her on-stage acrobatics, so it’s shocking to learn that she’s battled a potentially fatal medical condition since childhood.

On Chris Wallace’s talk show Who’s Talking To Chris Wallace, Pink candidly discussed how having asthma affected her life and made her more susceptible to getting Covid. Pink discussed her health last year, describing signs like a stroke.

Pink began her speech by stating that she had had asthma since she was a young child. She continued, “I was an asthmatic, really bad asthmatic kid,” before outlining how her asthma made using Covid a significant challenge.

I hadn’t used a nebuliser in thirty years but used one today. When she was ill, she said the illness was “very terrifying.

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Pink, married to Corey Hart and has two kids, asserted that her son Jameson, now six, was also negatively impacted by the illness.

“Of the group, my son was the sickest. when your child is sobbing, throwing up, rashes-covered, and complaining that they can’t breathe. That part is the scariest. “Any parent will acknowledge that the game is essentially over when their child gets sick.

It wasn’t a good time as a result. The fact that children couldn’t receive it and that doing so would be terrible was also stated clearly from the outset. It’s a good idea to have a backup plan if something goes wrong. It was a terrifying experience. “.

Pink’s new album Trustfall is now available, and she and Jameson are both fully recovered, but Jameson has recently been dealing with his own health issues.

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The 47-year-old ex-off-road and motorcycle racer underwent a chest catheterisation in December 2022 to treat a chronic illness.

A few days before Christmas, he said I discovered an infection in one of my body parts. I underwent tunnelled catheter insertion when the holidays caused me excruciating pain. I must inject antibiotics for the next 41 days to relieve this pain. “.

Let’s hope everyone in the family stays healthy in the coming months!