Parents will look after their children regardless of their age. When they reach adolescence, they can be challenging to manage. Parents don’t have it easy dealing with the late nights out, sleepovers at their friends’ houses, avoiding homework, poor school performance, having their first boyfriend or girlfriend, and a slew of other things that make parents sick.


The tale below is a must-read. It tells the story of a parent who had a horrible day since his favourite team lost a game. He was sad, so he and his daughter decided to go out and have some ice cream.

However, the father was surprised that his daughter Anna was not in her room. He became concerned when he didn’t see her leave the house.

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He then spotted a handwritten letter on her bed that read:

“Dear Mother and Father,

I’m sorry to break the news to you.

I’ve discovered my true love, and he’s fantastic! I especially appreciate his cute piercings, beautiful scars, cool tattoos, and enormous motorcycle!

Not only that, but I’m expecting a kid with Muhammad and am three months pregnant. We’re going to live in his trailer, and he claims he wants more children. I’m overjoyed!!! What’s more, guess what? We’re getting married next week!


He’s also convinced me that weed isn’t as awful as some think, so we’re now growing 17 plants behind our trailer. We’ll have plenty for him and his friends, and they’ll give us as many tablets as we want in exchange.

I sincerely hope that a treatment for herpes is discovered soon so that Muhammad can recover – he truly deserves it. Don’t be concerned about money; Muhammad’s pals Juan and Stanislav work in the film industry and have arranged for me to become an actor!

The job pays well: $50 per take and a further $50 if there are more than three males in the same scenario. So don’t worry about me; I’m 16 years old and capable of looking after myself.

You’ll get to see your grandson the next time I come to visit!