Technology indeed makes our life easier, but do we overdo it? Yes. We can let our smartphones and laptops consume a large portion of our time without realising it.


Instead, we can spend time with our children and loved ones. And, as much as we talk about keeping our children away from screens as much as possible, we don’t follow that advice when it comes to ourselves.

A childcare centre owner in Hockley, Texas, couldn’t take seeing parents on their phones when picking up their children from the centre, so he decided to tell them how he felt.

What exactly did he do? He hung a sign on the front door of the daycare centre. Juliana Farris Mazurkiewicz, a mother, photographed the placard and posted it online. She expected people to respond, but she had no clue it would make such a sensation.


Some individuals agree with what is written on the paper, while others believe the owner has no right to instruct parents on what to do or how to nurture their children.

You’re going to pick up your child! TURN OFF YOUR PHONE!!!

Your child is overjoyed to meet you! Are you disappointed to see your child? We’ve seen children try to hand their parents completed work while the adult is on the phone.

‘We heard a toddler exclaim, ‘Mommy, mommy, mommy…,’ and the parent was more focused on their phone than their child. It’s terrible. “Put down your phone!”

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Juliana stated that she agreed with the owner and admitted that she was on her phone when she came across the sign, which made her realise how accurate those words sounded.


‘” I was surprised but had no negative feelings about the childcare. I know the staff is concerned about the children’s best interests, even if it means offending the parent.”

However, several parents were offended by the sign.

‘” This is absurd. Who is to say that a child’s parent should not use their phone? Could they be effective? Or if you have an emergency or anything else that is not their concern.”

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Whatever your opinion is, one thing is sure. Should we set technology aside and enjoy the present?

What are your thoughts?