Individuals periodically enter our lives, and it requires a long investment for us to acknowledge the amount they mean to us.

One of those people was Lee Haase, and Angela Nguyen was one of those people.

Angela, a Domino’s employee, has delivered hundreds of pizzas over the years. Lee is just one of her many regular clients.

Lee would arrange pizza each Saturday, and Angela would reliably convey it.

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However, on a Saturday, the orders simply stopped.

Angela went to his house to find out why she was worried.

When Angela arrived, she immediately noticed the damage. The majority of Lee’s home’s roof had been destroyed by a severe storm.

After the storm, Lee couldn’t afford to fix his house. Even worse, his son had also died in a snowmobile accident around that same time.

Lee was broke and depressed, so he rented a small trailer.

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Lee’s house was discovered by Sarah, a pizza delivery worker and daughter of Angela. She depicted to her mom how awful things were for him.

Electricity, heat, water, and a sewage exit were all missing from Lee’s camper.

Angela was thinking about Lee as she spoke. Instead of feeling sorry for him, she decided to act on his behalf.

“I accepted that activity was required. Angela asserts, “We can’t allow a person to live like this.”

One simple task put the entire issue into high gear. Angela provided Lee’s trailer with a heater. It marked the beginning of a simpler life for him. Angela then began a crowdsourcing campaign. The donations poured in as more and more people became aware of Lee’s tragic story.

The mission acquired $32,360 in only two months. Lee only needed to buy a brand-new mobile home!

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As per Angela, she could never have prevailed without the help and backing of the area and numerous benevolent outsiders.

“This was a lot of fun for everyone, everyone. All of this isn’t just for Lee. Angela adds, “Everyone of us gained.”

Angela entered Lee’s life with flawless timing and gave him what he wanted most — a caring heart.

She opened the door for Lee to reclaim his life, and he will always be grateful to her for doing so.

In a world where wars, natural disasters, and other atrocities occur far too frequently, reading accounts like these give me hope.

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It only goes to show how much goodness each of us possesses. This must be recognized, and we must make use of our resources to assist those in need.

Angela is a wonderful example of how we can assist those who are less fortunate than we are in breaking the cycle of poverty.

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