The day you become a parent is one that you will never forget. A singular little person has suddenly been welcomed into the world and depends on you. You are responsible for providing them with the best conditions and assisting them in realizing their goals.

In 2005, Adriana Iliescu made headlines worldwide when she became a mother for the first time. Why is this? She was 66 years of age.

Adriana was overjoyed beyond measure when she gave birth to her daughter Eliza.

After 17 years, new pictures of the elderly mother with her daughter are drawing much attention… There are days in a person’s life that change everything. Every individual who is a parent most likely concurs that the second you invite your child or girl is indefinable.

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Seeing that precious child look up at you for the first time is the best feeling in the world.

Some children’s births are recorded in history books.

Eliza Iliescu experienced precisely that when she was born in 2005 in Romania. As a result of her mom, the young lady became memorable.

When Adriana Iliescu became the world’s oldest mother, she was 66. Adriana’s birth story made headlines for obvious reasons, and the birth of her daughter Eliza earned her a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. In 2010, Adriana opened up about motherhood and talked about how she felt because she had received a lot of criticism since becoming a mom. She was viewed as being too old and selfish by some.

Even though the mirror isn’t kind to women, I feel like a young woman when we talk about my energy. When I feel a little more tired, I feel like I’m 37, but I think I’m 27. I’m more grounded than ladies, the more significant part my age,” she told Everyday Mail.

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“I didn’t have Eliza to make me look younger, so when people call me granny, they think they’re being funny. I never know how old I am.

Adriana, who was then 71 years old, also stated in her interview with the British tabloid that she intended to have another child.

She stated, “Medically, it’s possible.” I understand that a 70-year-old woman in England is undergoing trials so that it could be done. I’m fine and solid, and it would be feasible to have one more kid from now on, yet I have all the time in the world right now.

Like most little girls and moms, Adriana and Eliza have shaped areas of strength throughout the long term. Eliza is a lively, funny, and content child.

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The elderly mother asserts that she is a good parent and does everything for Eliza, despite many people’s opinions regarding Adriana’s age.

I do not consume alcohol or smoke. If I live as long as my folks did, Eliza will be 20 when I die. I assume I have a great deal to give her,” Adriana says.

Adriana did not choose to become a mother so late in life. Adriana Iliescu was forced to have an abortion when she was young and married for medical reasons. Her husband left her when she was 24.

After that, Adriana focused on other aspects of her life and her work as a teacher at a Romanian university.
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She continued, “I couldn’t even think about a child while working.”

However, after completing my doctorate at 37, I was ready to have a child. However, IVF was not available back then.

Adriana was 57 years of age when in-vitro treatment opened up in Romania. Adriana went to therapy, but her first pregnancy, in 2000, didn’t work out.

She was ignored by those who heard about her desire to become a mother. They thought Adriana was doing something wrong, but she never gave up hope and was determined to have children.

Following that, she sought treatment from Dr. Bogdan Marinescu in Bucharest, resulting in Eliza’s birth. Adriana had triplets, but Eliza was the only one who lived. Two of the babies died in the womb. She was born prematurely, necessitating a lengthy stay in the neonatal intensive care unit.
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However, soon, she had grown up to be significant area of strength for a young lady, and the profoundly strict Adriana needed to submerse her little girl. Unfortunately, Adriana’s decision to become a mother at a young age offended several religious organizations. When Eliza was baptized, the nuns looked at Adriana, and one even called her “the product of dark force.”

Eliza, according to Adriana, is a gift from God.

Today, Adriana Iliescu marks 17 years since she became a mother for the first time. Presently, they’re living it up together – despite Adriana being frequently accepted to be Eliza’s grandma.

However, the seasoned mother still has a positive mental and physical state. She possesses excellent love, which is necessary for raising a child.

Adriana continues to write at the age of 83. She’s delivered over 25 books for kids and demands that she is solid. Despite having the appearance of a great-grandmother, she continues to work as a part-time lecturer in Bucharest.

Additionally, Adriana has ensured that Eliza’s future is in safe hands.

Adriana made a deal with the doctor when she decided to try IVF. If Adriana dies, he will be the girl’s godfather and legal guardian.

For now, Adriana wants to keep her family’s privacy, but we know that Eliza, 17, wants to study and attend college. Brightside states that Eliza is an honor-winning understudy who continues in her mom’s scholarly strides.

She is improving than numerous 25 and 30-year-olds. She is focused on her child and has no other interests. Her daughter seems to be very content, well-rounded, and beautiful.