He has reportedly been fighting cancer covertly for years, according to Dolph Lundgren. Lundgren may be best known to viewers for his portrayal of Soviet-Russian boxer Ivan Drago in the Rocky movie series.

As he talked about his diagnosis yesterday, the Swedish actor revealed that his illness is now terminal.

The star of He-Man (1987), The Punisher (1989), and The Expendables (2010), Dolph Lundgren, revealed that a kidney tumor was first found in his body eight years ago. The years that followed its successful removal were marked by “fine” scan results, but in 2020, an MRI revealed “more tumors,” which led to his condition returning.

Dolph Lundgren receives a definitive cancer diagnosis at age 65.

During an interview with Graham Bensinger on In Depth, Lundgren revealed, “[There was a] tumor in my kidney that they took out in 2015 […] but then they did a biopsy, and it was cancerous. ”.

The second tumor was found to be growing in Lundgren’s liver in 2020, despite years of clear scans. Lundgren claimed that he then began to realize the seriousness of his condition.

Despite earlier speculation that it might be removed similarly to how the first one had been, the actor was informed that the tumor had grown too large for surgery. Before a fatal cancer could be identified, the condition had also spread to Lundgren’s lungs, spine, liver, and stomach.

So I asked, “How much longer do you think I have?” recalled the 65-year-old man.

“I think he said two or three years, but I could hear in his voice that he probably thought it was less than that. ”.

More than anything else, Lundgren said, he “felt sorry” for his family, which included his fiancée Emma Krokdal and his two daughters, Ida and Greta Lundgren.

I figured I’d better get a second opinion, he continued.

Dolph Lundgren receives a definitive cancer diagnosis at age 65.

After three months, things started to get smaller. The tumors’ remaining scar tissue is currently being removed. ”.

The actor continued, “The hope is that there won’t be any cancer activity when they remove them, and the medication I’m taking will inhibit everything else.”.

Lundgren’s oncologist continued, “I hope it’s years. It hasn’t been months, I believe. In order to identify new therapeutic targets as things in his body change, I want to try to keep him taking this medication for as long as I can.

The antagonist in the 1985 movie Rocky IV, Dolph Lundgren, admits to using steroids in the past and wonders if this may have contributed to his cancer.

I wasn’t sure if it was connected to the cancer, he said. Of course, I considered the possibility that there might be a connection. I briefly considered it. ”.

As he fights cancer, let’s wish Dolph Lundgren the best of luck.

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