Being a parent gives you the authority to decide what is best for your kid. It goes without saying that not everyone has to agree with your choices.

And some people will disagree when your decision is made public to thousands.

Lara, who is 4 months old, is already well-known on TikTok as a result of her parents posting videos of their daughter on the social media site. Numerous videos of the baby can be found on her TikTok page.

 Some viewers are furious after seeing a little detail in a mother’s adorable video of her adorable baby girl.

Lara’s mother uploaded a video of her “growing up” to show her fans how much she had changed from the time she was born in the hospital to when she was four months old.

However, some of her supporters disapproved of the look into Lara’s life when she had only been alive for a little over 24 hours.

In the videos, many people could see Lara’s earrings being pierced when she was just 24 hours old. Many people expressed their concern about piercing a baby’s ears so soon after birth.

The idea of piercing a baby’s ears at such a young age infuriated the public. They talked about whether that was acceptable. Afterward, some people pointed out that in some cultures, it’s common for newborn babies to have their ears pierced.

 Some viewers are furious after seeing a little detail in a mother’s adorable video of her adorable baby girl.

People continued to express their concerns and displeasure with Lara’s mother over her decision, saying they thought the infant should have been given the freedom to choose for herself when she was older whether or not she wanted her ears pierced.

One reviewer remarked, “I just don’t get it. Don’t fool yourself, someone exclaimed. “And the pain is the same now as it will be when they are older. It’s their choice whether they want their ears pierced, or is it? When my babies are old enough to understand these things, I’ll let them decide.

But despite all the criticism and chastisement, Lara’s mother persisted in defending herself and her decision.

When you get your ears pierced when you’re 2 or 3 days old, it doesn’t hurt like it does when you’re 1 or 2 years old. According to the woman, hospital neonatologists allegedly make holes in newborns.

Along with Lara’s mother, other people brought up how various cultures have various traditions. Every parent has a different approach to raising their child.

However, Lara’s mother seems to think that young children ought to have pierced ears. Comment below and let us know if you agree with her!

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