The Duchess of Alba is one of those persons who have an expensive and exciting life that everyone would like to experience for a few days. Aside from her money, her life is fascinating.

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Cayetana Fitz-James, Duchess of Alba, is known for her luxurious lifestyle, for speaking her opinion in every situation and not shying away from hiding, and for having additional plastic operations and marriages to much younger men. Still, it’s not simply these things that define her.

Her childhood was terrible because her mother died of TB in 1934, leaving her with everything.

Cayetana was only eight years old when her mother died, but she had a strong relationship with her father, who assisted her. The 1930s were a turbulent period in Spanish history. For example, when the Spanish Royal Family was forced into exile in 1931, her father was compelled to flee to France. The monarchy of Spain was overthrown the same year, and a democratic republic was founded.

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She accompanied her father to France, but she disliked it. She was relieved when they relocated to London, where she received an excellent education and studied English, German, French, and Italian. She also met a lot of significant individuals in London, and as a result, many doors opened for her in life. She also spent time with Queen Elizabeth II, which is noteworthy.

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Cayetana and Princess Margaret became friends, both known for their rebelliousness and occasional rule-breaking. Cayetana married Pedro Luis Martnez de Irujo y Artacoz, when she was 21. The wedding was exceedingly expensive, and it was covered in publications all over the world. According to reports, the wedding cost the equivalent of $ 10,000,000 in 2015. It was unquestionably a fairytale wedding.

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The couple went on a six-month honeymoon in Hollywood, where Cayeta met several celebrities, including Bing Crosby, Walt Disney, Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich, and Marilyn Monroe.

Cayetana returned to Spain and maintained contact with American luminaries, including Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy.

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Cayeta and her first husband had six children together, but he died when she was just 53 years old. After a few years, she remarried Jes Aguirre y Ortiz de Zarate, who was 11 years her junior and not well-regarded by others. He was called a gold digger, but Cayetana ignored these labels and admitted that the years she spent with Jesus were the finest of her life.

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Cayeta maintained her life in her style, attending numerous parties and gatherings where she did not disguise her desire to feel good and sought to take advantage of the circumstance always to have fun.

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Her second husband died, and everyone assumed she would be a widow for the rest of her life, but she had other intentions and married the public servant Alfonso Diez Carabantes. Even her children suggested that she reconsider her decision, but she was set on marrying her new partner.

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Because Alfonso was 25 years younger than Cayetana, Spanish King Juan Carlos openly referred to him as a wealth seeker.

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The House of Alba published a statement in 2008 stating that there would be no wedding but a friendship-based connection, although a marriage occurred.

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James-Stuart and her husband Alfonso walk towards photographers following their wedding ceremony on October 5, 2011, at the Palacio de las Duenas in Seville, Spain. WireImage/Daniel Perez Garcia-Santos

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However, before the wedding, Cayetana ensured that her children received everything they deserved from their money, and Alfonso signed that he would not request anything from the duchess’ fortune.

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The couple’s marriage appears joyful, albeit Cayetana found it challenging to keep up with her much younger spouse.

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