A daughter will join Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff’s daughter Honey when she gives birth.

Sadie Robertson thinks her body has a new function as she carries her second child.

She talked about how her body image changed after her second pregnancy on Taylor Lautner and his wife Taylor Dome’s podcast, The Squeeze.

Because your body takes on a whole new meaning, Roberton, 25, said it “shaped a lot of body image stuff for me.” Roberton was one of the episode’s co-hosts.

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“All of a sudden, every part of your body is used for the benefit of another life, so it just takes the focus off of you and puts it on something so much greater, and that transforms so much of who you are,” she continued.

“It boosts your capability, toughness, and self-assurance. Robertson elaborated on how her first pregnancy and parenthood prepared her for her second child: “It helped me become less superficial.

“My stomach no longer strives to be the flattest or fittest. I’m producing life inside of me as it grows, and it’s like, wow. “.

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In February 2022, Robertson told Yahoo Life about her difficulties while carrying her first child, Honey James Huff, who is now 21 months old, that “perspective can kill you or perspective can make you.”.

I vomited every day from week seven to week twenty-four. It’s not like my pregnancy was easy, she said at the time, according to the publication. “However, at the end of the day, appreciation takes away a lot of the dread and uncertainty you might have. “.

She shared a series of Instagram updates showing Honey’s growing belly in April 2021.

Growing: expanding; becoming more significant over time. Baby, you are the reason I am a better person. No matter how uncomfortable it might be, I always want to see progress as a good thing. Since that is the case,” Robertson captioned the image.

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Roberton and her husband, Christian Huff, revealed they were expecting their second child together in November last year.

The adorable picture of the trio, which showed Robertson holding a strip of ultrasound images, was captioned, “Another little miracle is in action,” by the couple.

A few weeks later, the couple learned they were having a girl at a gender reveal celebration when Huff swung a baseball bat at a ball and caused it to explode in pink smoke.

They joyfully declared that they were “team female” after finding out the gender of their second child.

In December, Robertson recently wrote on Instagram about her growing baby bulge, “Hello, the second trimester! It’s great to see you! I’m grateful for everything—God’s blessings on you.