Twain stated in a recent episode of the Creating Space with Hoda Kotb podcast, “My whole life history was there, with them.

Shania Twain publicly discusses her parents’ loss in a car accident in 1987.

The country singer recently spoke with Hoda Kotb on a podcast about her mother, Sharon Twain, and stepfather, Jerry Twain’s passing and how it affected their family.

Twain, 57, remembers being 22 years old and enrolled in a “computer programming” school in Toronto when she first learned of her parents’ passing. She was working on a “backup plan” in case her singing career didn’t take off.

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“My sister called to tell me they had perished in a car accident. The Grammy winner, who has been open about growing up in poverty and dealing with Jerry’s mental and physical abuse, said: “I eventually came apart, went into shock for days, and couldn’t let go of them.

“I had to give up a key foundation. Twain continued, “Even though it was shaky, it served as a basis. “My entire existence was with them, and many connections faded over time after my parents’ passing. Indeed, a lot of both my good and bad experiences were a result of their presence in my life. “.

After the catastrophe, Twain took on the responsibility of raising her three younger siblings. “My kids,” as I often call them. I’m aware they aren’t mine,” she admitted, mentioning that her older sister was “very busy. She’s married and has two kids.

According to Twain, my two younger brothers were still 13 and 14, and my younger sister was still living at home. “We were all in agreement that keeping them together was best. All of them lacked family members who could house them, though. Therefore, the only way to maintain their relationship was to remain together. ”.

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While Twain was not a caregiver, he was familiar with their duties. “I was a mother figure in our home already. She remembered, “My mother was depressed for most of our childhood and would frequently spend days in bed.

The singer-songwriter continued, “I was up, ironing my father’s shirt and pants, getting everyone ready for school in the mornings, and coming home after the whole morning mess.

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So he wouldn’t drag her out of bed by her hair; I had to hurry and scurry around tidying up everything before he got home. In the end, this was the cycle. “.

Two years before she would become well-known with The Woman in Me and its singles, such as “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?” and “Any Man of Mine,” Twain released her debut self-titled album in 1993, about five years after the passing of her parents. ”.