On Thursday, Dylan Dreyer posted images of someone very important to her instead of her family.

Al Roker, who is unable to work due to ongoing health issues and has been absent from the broadcast, was honoured by the Today show meteorologist.

She posted several images from an emotional occasion when he was shocked by a magnificent reunion with his co-stars who decided to show up at his house during an NBC program segment. His home hosted the get-together.

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She remarked next to the pictures of Al posing with so many of his coworkers, “There is no one more loved than this man right here.”. @todayshow We hope to hear from you soon, a surprise. We miss you; we’re sorry. “.

Many people were moved to tears by the beautiful images. One reader expressed their feelings in a letter, writing, “Even though I only know you all from television, your story made me cry! Friends are priceless, and each of you is wonderful. That was the sweetest thing that has ever happened. I started crying because of this. Al, get better soon. “.

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Al could not control his tears when the unexpected visit caught him off guard.

He was still able to express his gratitude by saying, “I just want to thank you all,” despite this. “.

“I’ve missed you all terribly, and it’s been a long, hard road. each of these various actions deeply touches me. “.

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The 42-year-old father of four has been out of work for a month and has spent most of that time in the hospital after a blood clot entered his lungs.

Earlier in the day, he provided live broadcast viewers at home with an update. He acknowledged, “I’m not going to lie about it; it’s been a tremendous struggle.

“I’ve had quite a few operations, but this one has by far been the most difficult. I am thankful for many different people and things. “.

He said it instils in you a deep gratitude for the countless prayers and thanks that have been expressed.

Before Thanksgiving, the 68-year-old television legend who has worked on Today for the past 25 years was admitted to the hospital and spent more than two weeks there.

Though he did spend some time at home, he was back in the hospital soon after the holiday and treated for the same persistent illnesses. Since then, he has recovered and is acting more like his former, carefree self.