Ugly is a derogatory epithet. Especially since it is meaningless, over time, the concept of beauty — and its polar opposite – has morphed and extended to the point where what society considers charming one day may be dramatically different the next.

When this Russian woman married six years ago, she was bombarded with harsh comments about her looks. But, six years later, she has made a stunning recovery…

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In 2011, this happy Russian couple couldn’t wait to show off their love to the rest of the globe. However, they were targeted by trolls on the internet shortly after posting their wedding images on Facebook.

Her appearance received innumerable comments and complaints worldwide, prompting some to label her “the world’s ugliest bride.”

They don’t mind the doubters since they’re in love.

Every ugly remark meant nothing to the bride and groom. They were madly in love and couldn’t care less.

Despite many people’s predictions that they wouldn’t last and that their love was a deception, they proved everyone wrong. They would not let an army of trolls get in the way of their pleasure.

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There’s more to seeping than just skin.

We’ll be the first to admit that neither the bride nor the groom is considered “lookers” by our media. All of the old clichés, however, are true. There is much more to beauty than meets the eye.

The true beauty is in their wedding day expressions and the way they willingly share their love.

It was a typical, happy marriage.

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Everything settled down, as it always does when such things occur on the internet. After they were no longer in the public eye, the couple simply relocated to suburban Moscow.

They continued their lives as if they were never minor internet celebrities. If it hadn’t been for those pesky reporters, they’d have spent the rest of their lives doing exactly that…

Reporters discovered an exciting discovery.

One day, a Russian reporter was seeking a story when they remembered a scandal involving an otherwise happy marriage. The reporter searched everywhere for them and eventually found the bride and groom.

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Of course, the critics were wrong. They remained in love and lived happily ever after. But the “ugliest bride in the world” had utterly transformed…

The Amazing Transformation

It was almost as if she had transformed into a completely other people. As you can see in the shot above, the transition was nearly complete. A perfect ten knockout took the place of the individual who married all those years ago.

She was the same bright, effervescent, and gorgeous person on the inside. On the surface, she’d just morphed into a supermodel.

How did she manage it?

The work on her body took almost six years to complete, from head to toe. She lost much weight with intensive exercise and a tiny amount of liposuction.

Then there were the boobs, several face enhancements, and an entirely different diet. There was very little of her former appearance remaining.

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What made her do it?

Most people would ascribe her startling metamorphosis to a complete lack of self-confidence.


But that wasn’t why she did it.


She wanted to feel better, of course, but she also wanted to be the hot young thing her husband saw in her the day they married. He was already madly in love with her, and all she wanted to do was complete the illusion for him.

They’re still the world’s most beautiful couple.


Despite her drastic change in appearance, nothing else in their relationship has changed.

He has told her he loves her from the first day they met, and he continues to do so daily.

One look at the happy couple is all it takes to melt your heart. They are just the best.

Names may hurt people just as much as sticks and stones. We must all set aside our Hollywood and Vogue notions of what is and is not attractive and treat all people as the wonderful people that they are, regardless of their appearance.

Look over imperfections and love handles and fall in love with the person you’re with because of their great personality. Isn’t that why you’re dating them in the first place?