These days, almost everyone has a cell phone on them. It’s great because you can capture photos nearly whenever you see something interesting, and occasionally your photos turn out to be even more interesting (or funny) than you had anticipated.

The photograph shows the daughter of the father in that manner. He only wanted to capture a beautiful image of his daughter, but captured much more.

We think this is one of the best pictures we’ve ever seen!

Image 1

This young girl had no idea she would become famous all over the world when she stopped to take a photo in front of a row of horses on the street.

According to Time, the picture was initially posted on Reddit.

There isn’t a lot more information available, but it’s easy to surmise how the photo was taken.

This little girl probably enjoyed her day with her family. They saw a couple of big Clydesdale horses at a procession.

When she mustered the courage to pet the horses, her dad or another relative may have encouraged her to turn around so they could take a picture of her.

The young girl was standing in front of the magnificent horses when the man in charge of the camera told her to say, “Cheese.”.

Image 2

Such a funny image!

According to Time, a now-deleted account posted this amazing image to Reddit in 2016. It’s unclear whether this is the first time the image has appeared online or if The Wolf 101.5 FM uploaded it first.

It’s hard to dislike this hilarious photobomb, so there. Tell your friends about it if they like to laugh!