Due to what transpired when their lives took a sudden turn, Andy and Sarah Justice firmly believe the cliche that everything occurs for a reason.

The two had been trying to start a family for some time and had a strong desire for a child, but despite years of effort, they could not succeed in their goal due to difficulties. Additionally, they considered alternative options like in vitro fertilization, but regrettably, they lacked the funds to complete this process. Consequently, they began to think about adoption.

A woman expecting triplets and wanting to place them for adoption was referred to them through an adoption agency; the two agreed to adopt her children and were overjoyed about it. Sarah, who had always dreamed of having a big family, could not accept that it would come true.

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Finally, premature babies develop into robust adults. But Sarah had never previously experienced morning sickness, which only pregnant women experience. When the news that she would give birth to TWINS was revealed to her during a visit to the doctor, it was the biggest shock of her life.

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Despite their hectic schedules, the two new parents assert that their family is now perfect.

The whole family can be seen in the following picture: