The well-known martial arts instructor and actor Chuck Norris is renowned for always having a gorgeous woman by his side.

He has been married to former model Gena O’Kelley since 1998, and they have two children together: Danielle Kelley and Dakota Alan.

Norris has trained famous people like Steve McQueen and Priscilla Presley and owns over 30 karate studios. The former US Air Force officer has starred in several well-known movies, including The Delta Force, Way of the Dragon, Missing in Action, and Code of Silence.

The Oklahoma father of five had been married to Dianne Kay Holechek for thirty years before he met Gena. When he was 18, and she was 17, they got married. They met while attending high school in Torrance, California.

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The couple gave birth to a son named Mike four years later. But according to the Mirror, Norris became adulterous with Johanna the year after and, as a result, had a daughter.

The Good Guys Wear Black actor thanked the mother for keeping her child in a Daily Herald article from 2007.

There are illegitimate parents everywhere, according to Norris. “Because I am one, I know there are no illegitimate children. Every life that belongs to God has a purpose and an objective.

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Dina DiCiolli was found by the well-known martial artist 26 years after her birth. He has participated in and triumphed in numerous martial arts competitions.

While serving in the United States Air Force and stationed in California, Norris admitted in his book “Against All Odds: My Story” that he had an affair with his first wife and fathered a child with a different woman named Johanna.

In the book, Norris keeps his marital status a secret from Johanna and acknowledges that he still regrets it.

Norris was unaware that Johanna had become pregnant and had given birth to their child. He learned about it when Dina, who claimed to be his biological daughter, wrote to him in 1991.

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When Dina was 16 years old, she overheard her mother talking to a friend about Norris, which is how she learned who her father was.

Norris remembered the first time he saw his daughter Dina and how no DNA or blood tests were necessary to establish Dina as his child. He immediately approached her and gave her a tight embrace as tears poured copiously from their eyes. He said in the book that he thought of her as someone he had known all his life.

Realtor Dina is married and has three kids: daughters Gabi and Dante and sons Eli and Dante.

Gabi’s mother uploaded a picture of her daughter standing in the lab while conducting medical research in June 2012. Gabi wed in October 2018 and posted photos of the celebration on Facebook.

She uploaded a picture of her and her husband grinning next to members of her family, Norris, and O’Kelley, his wife.

Norris is incredibly proud of his five children. In a Father’s Day post from June 2017, he stated that having children is one of God’s greatest blessings for a man to experience. He also posted a photo wishing everyone a Happy Father’s Day.

She deserved to get to know him after all this time, so I appreciate how Norris embraced Dina into his life right away. I hope they have fun together and continue to get to know one another.