The actress who portrays the main character in the Netflix series Big Little Lies, Nicole Kidman, is one of the most talented actors working today.

Because of the numerous injuries, she sustained while portraying Moulin Rouge in 2001, fans have claimed that Nicole, who was 34 years old, had osteoporosis, a condition that makes bones more prone to breaking.

In an interview with Yahoo! in 2014, Nicole claimed to have broken her ribs, torn her knee and sustained another broken rib while wearing a corset to reduce her waist to 18 inches.

Nicole vehemently refuted the allegations that she had been tested for osteoporosis at the time to determine whether or not she had it and that the condition had led to several of her bones breaking.

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She said, “Apparently, I’m getting tests in the hospital, but I laughed because no one told me. I haven’t had any tests done for anything, she said.

Nicole has since been open and honest about the physical and mental toll her jobs have on her.

The Undoing actress Nicole acknowledged that she had struggled with mental health issues while filming the movie. She explained: “In the middle of production, I unexpectedly fell ill with a major illness. I believe that this is a serious issue that actors may run into. Your immune system doesn’t know the difference between acting and the truth when you perform such [depleting parts], so I was sick for a week and had to miss work. “.

“When I get home, I have trouble sleeping and generally don’t feel well. How unsettling I find it is that. Nicole spoke about the concessions she needs to make to commit to her roles fully.

The actress suffered a physical setback in 2022 when she tore her hamstring during the filming of the Amazon Prime series Expats.

According to Variety, the actress’ doctor advised her to take it easy and skip the annual Oscar nominees because she had a recurrence of an old illness. Because of the issue’s escalation, this resulted.