We could all use some sound counsel now and then. Many look to our grandparents for consolation when trying to weather one of life’s storms. In this widely shared Internet story, a grandmother imparts simple wisdom to her granddaughter.

Although the author of this essay is unknown, their wise words are universal and can be appreciated by everyone.
A young woman travels to see her grandma at the story’s start. She is stressed out about how her life is going and requires assistance.
“A young woman went and told her about her life and how difficult things were for her. She was scared and wanted to give up because she didn’t know how she was going to make it. She was fed up with battling and struggling. As soon as one problem was resolved, another one appeared.

Her grandmother accompanied her to the kitchen. She filled three pots with water. The pots quickly came to a boil. She served the first with carrots, the second with eggs, and the third with ground coffee beans. She stood there and let them boil without saying anything.”
“She turned off the burners after around twenty minutes. She extracted the carrots and placed them in a bowl. She then took out the eggs and put them in a bowl. She then ladled out the coffee and poured it into a bowl.

Grandma Image


‘Tell me, what do you see?’ she asked her granddaughter. ‘Carrots, eggs, and coffee,’ she says. ”

“She drew her in and asked her to feel the carrots. She did, and she noticed how silky they were. She then instructed her to smash an egg.

She examined the hard-boiled egg after removing the shell. Finally, she asked her to taste her coffee. As she smelled the wonderful perfume, the daughter grinned.
“What does that imply, Grandmother?” inquired the grandchild. Her grandma stated that while all these objects were subjected to the same difficulty — boiling water — they each behaved differently.

The carrot was intense, complex, and unyielding. However, when exposed to boiling water, it melted and weakened.

The egg had been delicate. Its liquid interior had been shielded by its thin outer shell. However, after sitting in boiling water, its interior became solid.”

“However, the ground coffee beans were one-of-a-kind. They changed the water once they were in hot water.

‘Which of you are you?’ she inquired of her granddaughter. ‘How do you respond when misfortune comes to your door? “Do you want to be a carrot, an egg, or a coffee bean?”

“Think about it: Who am I? Am I the carrot that appears to be powerful yet is riddled with pain and adversity?

“Am I the egg, but changes with the heat? Is my spirit flowing, but have I become harsh and stiff as a result of a death, a breakup, a financial struggle, or another trial? Does my shell appear the same, but am I bitter and tough on the inside, with a stiff spirit and a hardened heart?”

“Am I like the coffee bean? The bean alters the hot water, the source of the pain. The scent and flavour of your life are released when the water becomes hot.
If you are like the bean, you improve and modify the situation around you when things are at their worst. Do you get to a higher level when the hours are the darkest, and the hardships are the most severe?”

This anecdote made me consider what I am when faced with difficulty.

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