Lorenza Marrujo, a little under 5ft tall and in her late years, appeared to be a soft target to an intruder who targeted a senior citizen complex.
The invader, however, was no match for Lorenzo, who has over 20 years of martial arts training.

Intruder Attack Petite
Lorenza confronted the man who was breaking into her residence in California.

“As he approached me, I said back off,” Lorenza told KCAL-TV in Los Angeles.
The intruder took one and fled her flat, but she didn’t have to wait long to hear screaming.
Unfortunately, the intruder targeted her 81-year-old friend and neighbour Elizabeth McCray’s flat.

Petite Martial Arts
He shook, and she fell to the ground, but Lorenza was unwilling to let him hurt her friend, so she called the cops before stepping in to assist her.

Lorenza is a martial arts black belt with 26 years of expertise.
Elizabeth cautioned Lorenza, “He’s going to kill us,” she added.

“Not tonight,” Lorenza replied.

67 year old Petite

“I squeezed myself between her and him…then I rushed on him and started punching him, and I had the cane to his throat,” Lorenza explained.

At the same time that his arm came up, and I twisted it around, he was screaming, “you’re hurting me, you’re hurting me,” and I told him, “I don’t care what happens to you, you have no right to hurt an older person.”
Lorenza successfully pounded the invader on the ground until the police came.

Elizabeth was admitted to the hospital and released the following day. The suspect was apprehended.

Police warned people not to imitate Lorenza’s tactics in repelling invaders, but who knows what might have happened to Elizabeth if she hadn’t?

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