Gunter Nezhoda, a cast member of the wildly popular reality TV program “Storage Wars” on A&E, passed away on March 21 at 67. According to his son and fellow “Storage Wars” actor Rene Nezhoda, Gunter died of lung cancer.

In September, Gunter received a cancer diagnosis and underwent chemotherapy. However, the procedure resulted in the development of lung holes in him. According to reports, Gunter would undergo emergency surgery, but the doctors decided there was no way to save his life.

Between 2015 and 2019, Gunter appeared in seven “Storage Wars” episodes. Several movies, including “The Haunting at Death Valley Junction,” also featured him”.

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He has played bass with well-known guitarists like George Lynch, Leslie West, and Pat Travers, demonstrating his diverse creative abilities. In addition, he was a skilled photographer, working for businesses like Microsoft, Big-O Tires, and Ford.

Loved ones are considering the life of the adored reality TV star as they mourn Gunter Nezhoda’s passing. In a video for TMZ, Rene Nezhoda, Gunter’s son, spoke out about his father.

He thanked the viewers and said, “My dad was one of the characters on ‘Storage Wars’ who never received much criticism. Everyone, including the workers, enjoyed being around him; I appreciate all the positive feedback. My father was a pleasure to work with. He said he had kept his father’s health information a secret and hoped he would improve.

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In addition to his acting and on-screen skills, Gunter enjoys creating and posting videos on his YouTube channel. The native Austrian made various content, including videos of him looking at used cars, buying abandoned storage vaults, and giving tips on obscure subjects like audiophile CD collecting.

In his videos, Gunter exhibits his positive outlook and boundless energy. Without a doubt, “Storage Wars” will miss its star.