In a post on Instagram made earlier this month, Ed Sheeran discussed a trying time in his life.

In a tweet to promote the upcoming release of his album Subtract, Ed recalled “a series of events” that occurred in 2022 and un foreseenly changed the course of his life and state of mind.

He wrote that a series of events “impacted my life, my mental health, and, ultimately, how I regarded music and art” at the beginning of 2022.

When Cherry Seaborn was expecting their second child, Ed first revealed that his wife had found a tumor. Ed made no mention of Cherry’s health when she was born in May 2022; he only announced the news.

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But Ed acknowledged this year in a recent Instagram post that Cherry’s pregnancy had been extremely difficu

And according to Ed, this occurred just one month after the unexpected death of his best friend Jamal Edwards.

In February 2022, Jamal, a DJ and incredibly well-known music entrepreneur, tragically passed away at the age of 31. He is well-known for assisting Ed in starting his career with the help of his SBTV YouTube site, and the two got along well.

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During Jamal’s tragic passing, Ed wrote of Jamal, “His light blazed so bright.”. He didn’t ask for anything in return, just used it to make other people’s lives better. We are all witnesses to his power, just as a star’s light continues to shine for millions of years after it dies. “.

Ed claimed that Jamal, whom he referred to as his “brother,” “died abruptly” within a month in an Instagram post earlier this month. Cherry learned she had a tumor at the same time and wouldn’t be able to get treatment until after the baby was born. “.

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In his article, Ed appears to have made reference to the contentious copyright dispute that occurred in April 2022, saying, “I found myself standing in court protecting my integrity and profession as a songwriter. Sami Chokri and Ross O’Donoghue, two artists, filed a lawsuit against Ed for copyright violations. He won the case.

“Fear, sadness, and worry were spiraling downward in me. He wrote, “I felt as though I was drowning, head under water, looking up but unable to break through for air.

In a new Disney docuseries, Ed will now go into more depth about these challenges.

The recently released teaser begins by tracing Ed’s “unlikely” rise to fame. The singer even thanks Jamal for being the “one guy” who recognized his potential early on.

In a later segment of the video, Ed extols Cherry, saying, “Everything in my life got so much better when Cherry got into it. I’ve been married, and I have two daughters”.

When Ed talks about Cherry’s health deteriorating while she was pregnant, the docuseries’ tone changes.

Ed sounds dejected as he describes Cherry’s health as “very poor,” despite the teaser’s claim to show the couple in a hospital”.

Then, as extensive images of the late music pioneer are displayed on screen, Ed is heard saying, “And then suddenly, my best friend Jamal dies.”. Following that, Ed sobs in the trailer.

Later, after declaring that “life is unpredictable” and adding that “plans can change pretty quickly,” he admits that “the loss took over my life”.

On May 3, Ed’s documentary series will be made available worldwide. The trailer is available here.