In the space of 15 hours, a heartbroken husband went from anticipating the birth of his daughter with the woman he loves to be a widower without his child.

Five days before she died, Heidi Renton posed for a photo at her unplanned baby shower, looking healthy and happy.

The therapeutic radiographer from Nottingham University Hospital clutches her nine-month-pregnant belly and is adorned with a pink sash that reads, “Mummy-to-be.”. She must be overjoyed to be a mother because she has a huge smile.

He rushed to take his pregnant wife to the hospital

Susan had a wonderful day, Engineer Craig at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire recalled. The shower’s planning was helped by her mother, a cousin named Chrissy, and her.

When Craig returned from work one day, he was surprised to find tea, treats, baby talk, and baby clothes with drawn patterns.

The following Friday, though, he discovered Heidi ill.

The doctor advised us to take her to the hospital because she was pregnant, so we made this choice after talking with him.

He rushed to take his pregnant wife to the hospital

We speculated that it might be a developing child. Given that the deadline was August 12, it was possible. Both of us were anxious and enthusiastic. Our eagerly awaited first child was born.

Craig and Heidi traveled 20 miles to the Kings Mill Hospital in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. Although Heidi had to go to her scans and midwifery appointments, their neighborhood hospital in Newark did not have a birth room.

Thankfully, Heidi briefly woke up, and Craig felt better. According to Craig, “I was horrified. I stopped right away by the side of the road. “.

When Heidi had a seizure while he was parked by the side of the road, he immediately called 911, feeling helpless and distraught.

Her lips had turned blue as if she had run out of oxygen, and she was starting to perspire, the man noticed.

While I awaited an ambulance, a woman who just so happened to be a nurse drove over. She started to feel her pulse and her breathing.

Craig held his wife’s hand as she lay on the ground in the emergency ambulance that took them to King’s Mill before they were whisked off to the hospital’s resuscitation unit.

Craig was standing in the living room waiting impatiently. How could she be in a hospital bed when he had just said goodbye to her a few hours earlier?

He observed the nurses and doctors leaving the room, their faces dripping with tears. One came up to him and said something to him that would stick with him forever.

I’m sorry to hear about the passing of your wife, the man said. However, I do have some positive news. Your daughter is yours. “.

Craig wasn’t prepared to meet his daughter, who had been delivered via emergency Caesarean because he was too startled while another medical team worked to revive his wife.

He described how lovely Heidi appeared as she lay in the hospital bed and added, “I went immediately to see Heidi.”.

“I broke down in tears as soon as I told her I loved her and was proud of her for being a mother. “.

He rushed to take his pregnant wife to the hospital

Craig called the wife’s family to inform them that their daughter had died and they now had a granddaughter. The family was understandably perplexed by this turn of events.

Sadly, after his daughter underwent a number of tests, no positive results were found.

She was not displaying any mental activity. It was anticipated that Heidi would pass away because it is thought that her seizure was brought on by a lack of oxygen.

He rushed to take his pregnant wife to the hospital

Craig must adjust to life without his wife and daughter after their deaths. Despite the fact that the cause of their deaths is unknown, Craig doesn’t want anyone to be deterred from having children as a result of this unusual circumstance.

He’s still getting used to living without them, but he’s glad his daughter had the chance to win his heart before she died.

Craig and Heidi met while they were both undergraduates at Sheffield Hallam University and grew close. At a gathering, Craig saw Heidi laughing with friends and fell in love at first sight.

Heidi was content the entire time she was here with us. Heidi was unharmed throughout the scans and visits, and we could see her heartbeat, demonstrating that she was in good health. Unfortunately, Heidi died within the following 15 hours, and Isabella was born before passing away.

Craig and Heidi met when they were both students, but their relationship was based on distance.

Heidi was a fourth-year student and Craig was a fifth-year student at the Birmingham-based parents’ school.

Craig was an RAF engineer assigned to Coningsby, Lincolnshire, while Heidi was a therapeutic radiographer working in Birmingham.

They frequently went out to dinner and skiing. They cohabited after receiving their degrees and renovated Heidi’s grandmother’s old house.

Craig had a soft spot for love. He arranged a surprise birthday party for Heidi after he got down on one knee.

He laughed as he remembered Heidi trying to convince him that the price of an engagement ring should be four times the average monthly salary before she proposed.

The 2014 wedding and honeymoon of Craig and Heidi took place in Leeds. He wanted to start a family now, but they catered to Heidi’s needs because she was eager to travel. She didn’t have a showy ring, but I think she was content. It was fantastic, so I’m glad we did. “.

The news that Heidi was expecting brought joy to Craig and Heidi. She frequently drank at weddings, so when she abstained, everyone found out despite their best efforts to keep it a secret. The delighted couple started setting up the nursery and making other baby-related preparations.

The medical staff gave my wife’s life every chance to be saved, but sadly, both she and our child died. The hospital staff is devastated by her passing, and I appreciate everything that was done for her.

He rushed to take his pregnant wife to the hospital

I want to express our deepest sympathies to Mr. Renton’s family.