The Osbourne family, who lived in California for more than 20 years, is relocating to the UK. Their California property is being sold while their English home is getting ready for their arrival. The United States, according to Sharon Osbourne, is “a pretty odd place to live. “.

Ozzy, 73, has struggled with numerous health issues over the past few years. Among them are a Parkinson’s diagnosis, a neck operation, a bathroom mishap, two staph infections, and blood clots.

Sharon is adamant that Ozzy does not feel the need to go back home, despite the fact that all of these circumstances would be sufficient to induce such a desire in anyone.

Ozzy Osbourne shares the big news

I anticipated other people’s reactions in that manner. However, this is no longer the United States of America. Nothing about it is united. America has undergone a significant change; it is unquestionably not the same country I moved to.

“Everything about this place is f**king absurd. That someone is killed every day irritates me. God only knows how many people have been shot during school shootings. The Las Vegas concert shooting followed that. This is utterly absurd. “.

Black Sabbath’s lead singer wants to get away from Hollywood’s glitz and glamour. Ozzy wants to get away from Hollywood’s glitz and glam. He asserted that he is looking for safety from more than just horrifying murders.

Ozzy Osbourne shares the big news

“I don’t either want to die in America. I don’t want to be buried in Forest Lawn for the love of God. There are many famous people buried there, but it doesn’t feel like the right place to me.

I’m English and aspire to return one day. If my wife insisted on moving, I would do it right away. No, I just have to get home. “.

Ozzy unexpectedly traveled to his home nation earlier this month when he met with Black Sabbath and gave a performance at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

It was not only his first visit to the nation in nearly ten years, but it was also his debut in front of the general public. When the offer was first made to him six months ago, he turned it down.

Ozzy Osbourne shares the big news

The team from the Commonwealth Games contacted Ozzy’s management when he “looked fine” upon arrival at Comic-Con in San Diego in July.

Ozzy Osbourne at first balked at playing, but after receiving six days’ notice, he agreed. Ozzy’s first solo album, “Patient Number 9,” went on sale on September 9.

A studio is being built on the Osbournes’ Buckinghamshire property, and a follow-up album with Tony Iommi is theoretically possible, but no more concerts are scheduled at this time.