Due to Rebecca Callaghan’s difficult pregnancy, doctors decided to induce labour early. Unfortunately, the infant had a blue mark that ran from her face to her chest.

Matilda’s ailment was recognised as Sturge Weber’s syndrome, a rare neurological skin disorder. Unfortunately, this condition can cause paralysis, convulsions, and learning difficulties.

When Matilda became critically ill, she was referred to Adler Hey Children’s Hospital. The parents claimed that they could not accompany their child to the hospital and that all they could do was wait to find out if they would ever see their child again.

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The physicians also informed Matilda’s parents that she had two holes in her heart. Fortunately, Matilda was a brave fighter and survived the procedure.
Matilda underwent laser therapy simultaneously to remove the birthmark, although it could take up to 16 years to be practical.

Matilda as child

Although Matilda’s father, Paul, has stated that he always guarantees that his daughter receives good care and that he is always by her side, some have blamed her parents of being blamed for the child’s appearance.

Fortunately, Matilda was a thrilled and adored child despite the severe laser therapy.

Matilda with dots
Unfortunately, Matilda is a wonderful child who was born with a sign on her face, but Paul claims that others see her differently and that some ignore her. People should forget Matilda’s birthmark because it does not define her.

Matilda uses a specialised walking apparatus to help her move because her disease has nearly blinded her. Matilda still maintains a child’s grin on her face despite having suffered her entire life.

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According to Paul, even when people can not see Matilda, they stare at her and discuss her behind her back. Matilda is now eight years old and a wonderful young lady. Her parents enjoy spending time with her and are immensely proud of her accomplishments.

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The girl’s parents also organised a fundraising effort to acquire her a new wheelchair so she could continue with her daily activities.

Without a doubt, Matilda is a wonderful child who should not be overlooked because of her appearance. We must all express gratitude for what we have and sympathy for those who have faced less fortunate circumstances.
If we can make someone smile or their day more enjoyable, we should act instinctively.

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