Everyone has different issues with their appearance and self-esteem.

For example, you should improve your teeth or lose weight. You can always make improvements in some areas.
When I need inspiration, I’ll probably think of Lizzie Velasquez from Austin, Texas.
Lizzie was unable to gain weight as a youngster due to a unique genetic issue, which affected her appearance.

lizzie as child

I’d like you, the reader, to consider your life when you were 16. Although I have many pleasant and sad memories from that time, it was a time when many things were changing. You had to deal with more hormones, emotions, and sometimes even mental issues.

Overall, I hope you had as enjoyable a time as I did.

Consider being dubbed “The Ugliest Woman/Man in the World” when you were 16. There is also a video of you with the caption “The Ugliest Woman/Man in the World” attached. Thousands of people have watched the video, and the comments are filled with disparaging words about you.

What would your reaction be if that happened?

lizzie parents

Lizzie Velasquez’s worst had come true. She was bullied online and in person throughout her school years, nearly destroying her.
Lizzie, on the other hand, had different plans. She decided to channel all of these destructive impulses into something constructive.
As a result, we adore her and want to share her inspiring tale.

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I’m going to tell my friends about it, and I’d appreciate it if you did the same.
Lizzie Velasquez was born in Austin, Texas, on March 13, 1989.

She was born weighing only 2 pounds, 11 ounces, and it was clear right away that she was different from the other newborns at the hospital.

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Lizzie was so young and had always been Lizzie that she didn’t see her distinctions. But when she started kindergarten at five, she knew something wasn’t right.
“To my family, I was simply Lizzie. It was a harsh reality check for a five-year-old child. “The other kids didn’t want to sit with me because they were terrified of me and were pointing at me,” she explained. It was difficult for me to digest. Why was this happening to me when I had done nothing wrong to them? And I was too scared to tell anyone.”

“At long last, I told my parents, and they assured me that nothing was wrong with me; I was merely smaller than the other kids. You are gifted, gorgeous, and capable of accomplishing anything.”
She still considers the advice her family offered her because it is true. You can still attain your goals regardless of how you appear. On the other hand, Lizzie would require a lot of mental strength to get there. That, and her parents’ help.

lizzie life

But we’ll return to Lizzie and how she overcomes adversity to emerge triumphant and highly inspiring.
So, what gave her that appearance?
Lizzie was born with lipodystrophy and Marfan syndrome, two rare disorders. The rare genetic illnesses impair her heart, eyes, and bones, and they also prevent her from gaining weight owing to a problem with how fat is distributed in her body. Because it is so rare, there are only three known examples globally. Experts are still baffled by it.
In addition, Lizzie is blind in one eye and aged faster than others who do not have the condition.
She would always keep her positivity, show courage, and participate in whatever she chose with her friends.

“It was intimidating, but I knew it would pay off,” Lizzie Velásquez said. I worked as a yearbook photographer and a school newspaper staff writer. I tried my hand at cheerleading. I felt like a superhero whenever I donned the gorgeous outfits around the campus. I was a more authentic version of myself with my classmates than I was around my family.”
Lizzie’s confidence grew as the situation began to improve. Then her world came crashing down around her.

While doing her studies, she was browsing YouTube on her computer. She stumbled and discovered a video of herself that brought her to tears.
Lizzie was dubbed “the ugliest lady in the world” in a documentary on her. Worse, the video gained millions of views and some horrifying comments.


She couldn’t stop herself from reading the comments, some of which even advised Lizzie to commit herself to improve the world. She kept reading in the hopes that someone would come to her aid. Unfortunately, none of them did.
Someone “was literally pounding me through the computer screen,” according to Lizzie. She was having trouble believing what she was seeing.

Consider how many people could hide behind their computers and abuse a 16-year-old girl suffering from a severe illness. How do they manage to sleep at all?

The darkest kind of hatred, capable of destroying Lizzie. But she stood up for herself once more. She also stated that she would send the person who created the video a card of thanks and flowers because it had improved her life.
“I didn’t want to react since it would have wasted time,” she explained. “After understanding how I could serve society as a whole, I just wanted to debunk their assertions.”
Lizzie would never let the haters win. Despite hearing and reading the worst things someone could say or write about her, Lizzie was determined to utilise it as fuel for the future Lizzie.

lizzie career

She was later invited to give a TED Talk in Austin in 2003, which became extremely popular. Lizzie wanted to provide a different point of view, just as she had done for herself while describing how terrible the mockery had been.
Most people would have found it impossible to deal with this hatred. But Lizzie isn’t like most people; she shows everyone how tough she is. She has been forced to eat a high-calorie diet regularly her whole life to keep her body’s energy levels stable.

lizzie success

“This is why I’ve come. I’m meant to do this for the rest of my life. Sharing my experience also means sharing everyone else’s.
She currently delivers motivational speeches on her YouTube channel, which has over 850,000 subscribers. Lizzie’s detractors have realised that she is more vital than them and far more successful than they would ever be.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, she continues to grow in popularity on social media, particularly on the TikTok app. People were looking at and commenting on a photo of Lizzie.

Following Lizzie’s criticism of the films, many children began recording videos in which they commended Lizzie’s beauty. The haters had failed once more.

True beauty comes from within your heart and spirit. Lizzie, you have a beautiful face! Her life story has an uplifting element, and everyone should read about her to realise that anything is possible.

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