DeOndra Dixon is currently on Jamie Foxx’s mind.

The younger sister of the Oscar winner passed away at the age of 36. On Wednesday, Foxx, now 54, posted a series of snapshots of his mother on Instagram as a tribute. In the post, he wrote, “Deondra, I know you’re in heaven making everyone laugh… and have everyone dancing to your music.”.

I can’t tell you how much I miss you, but I’m confident that wherever you are, your soul is radiating with brilliance, he said. I’ll love you forever. “.

Foxx wrote in his post when he first revealed to the public that Dixon had passed away that “she will always be alive” to him.

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“Deondra, my lovely and sweet sister, passed away. I feel like my heart has been broken into a million pieces by the transition. She will continue to exist in some capacity, so I use the term transitioned,” he said at the time. Anyone with the privilege of knowing my sister knew she shone like a beacon.

She frequently steals the show on the dance floor, even challenging her boyfriend @chrisbrownofficial for first place. I can’t even begin to count how many times that has happened. I am not sure how many events we have hosted at our home. “.

“Even though I am in excruciating pain, I can smile when I consider all of the wonderful memories she left for me, my family, and her friends. My pain is unbearable, despite the fact that I know she is now dancing with wings in heaven. “.

“She has been an inspiration to all of us, from performing dance moves in the “Blame It” music video to doing so on the Grammys, and becoming the spokesperson for @globaldownsyndrome… from sliding down my stairs with a smile as broad as the Rio Grand… to serenading us with all of her songs,” he added.

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In a letter to Deondra, Foxx expressed his gratitude, writing, “Deondra, you have left a hole in my heart… But I’ll replace it with all of the memories you’ve given me. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers. Our family has been destroyed, but with your help, we will put the pieces back together. “.

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation awarded Dixon the title of Ambassador in 2011. She previously admitted to People magazine that she was “happy to have a big brother to lean on” and that she adored Jamie Foxx “every day.”. “.